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Vital mushrooms - Naturally healthy

Vital mushrooms are considered a real “superfood” and have their origin in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Here you will get an overview of the most important representatives and their fields of application.

Vital mushrooms have a permanent place in nature’s pharmacy cabinet. From arteriosclerosis to diabetes to cancer, there is a fungus for almost every ailment. The ingredients of mushrooms such as reishi, shiitake and hericium have a gentle but lasting effect. Vital mushrooms support the immune system, drive detoxification and provide targeted support for body functions that are out of balance. The basis of a successful therapy as well as prevention is always the right combination and dosage of the various vital mushrooms.

What are vital mushrooms?

Mushrooms have existed on our planet for around 130 million years. They belong neither to the plants nor to the animals, but form a separate kingdom of eukaryotic creatures, but possess a metabolism very similar to that of mammals. Vital mushrooms are now such tree or edible mushrooms that can exert a medicinal effect on the human and animal organism. The term “medicinal mushroom” is used here synonymously with “vital mushroom”. Many of the ingredients of these fabulous plants are now well researched and modern science continues to confirm their effectiveness in new studies. Since they are so-called “adaptogens” – that is, tonics – healing with mushrooms always aims at an optimal balance of bodily processes. Weakened functions are thus promoted, while excessive reactions are mitigated.

Traditional Chinese MedicineLong before the conventional medicine known to us, healers all over the world were already familiar with the Mycotherapy knowledgeable. Each knew about the powers of the respective native mushrooms in their habitat. Today we have the great advantage of being able to access and cultivate the most powerful vital mushrooms in the entire world. Many of them originate from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which has never lost sight of healing with mushrooms over the centuries. Their healers have retained the knowledge that only the use of the whole mushroom makes sense. Active ingredients obtained by means of extraction are not comparable to this, as the various substances in a fungus reinforce each other’s effect and develop perfect synergies.

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Ingredients of vital mushrooms

Mushrooms in general have a composition of nutrients that is extremely healthy for us humans. For example, they contain the most protein per square meter of growing space compared to any other agricultural crop we know. Unlike most plants, mushrooms have all the essential amino acids, making them a high-quality source of protein. Dried mushrooms also contain between 10 and 50% polysaccharides and dietary fiber. In addition to a favorable balance of macronutrients, vital mushrooms have a high concentration of minerals and trace elements. Here, once again, the choice of the grower is enormously important: fungi can absorb minerals, but also pollutants that are present in their growth substrate. That is why it is enormously important on which nutrient medium the vital mushrooms thrive! Regardless of the substrate, greater amounts of potassium and phosphorus are always found in medicinal mushrooms. Calcium, magnesium and iron are also present in somewhat lower doses. In addition, vital mushrooms have trace elements such as copper and especially selenium. The most important vitamins are those of the B group (B1, B2, B3, B6 and sometimes B12). In addition, there is a precursor of vitamin D2 and vitamin E. Some mushrooms also have some provitamin A and vitamin K and C. All these vitamins are important for a smooth metabolism and support the enzymes in their tasks. Finally, central to the medicinal effect are the antioxidants such as phenolic acids, tocopherol, ascorbic acid and carotenoids. They bind free radicals and therefore have antiviral, antitumoral and cholesterol-lowering effects, among others. Now we would like to give an overview of a few particularly interesting and healthy substances that are found in vital mushrooms.


The extremely effective ingredients of triterpenes include various molecules such as steroids, bile acid and vitamin D. These molecules are characterized by the fact that they consist of three terpene units. Terpenes are the substances in nature that are responsible for the typical inherent odor of a plant. In the mushroom, the triterpenes are located primarily in the fruiting body, in the lamellae, and finally in the spores of the mature mushroom cap. In the body, triterpenes act as follows:
  • anticarcinogenic
  • antiviral
  • antibacterial
  • fungicide
  • antioxidant


Enzymes are something like the basis of all life processes. Almost everything that happens in our bodies, in those of other living creatures, or even in plants, stems from enzyme reactions. Of the more than 5,000 different enzymes associated with metabolic processes, the organism synthesizes only a portion itself. The rest we have to take in through food. Mushrooms are all very rich in enzymes, but lose them when exposed to temperatures of 40° Celsius or more. It is also exciting that the enzyme content of the blood provides information about a person’s state of health. Thus, the blood of healthy people is full of enzymes, while a deficiency can be seen in sick people. Scientists distinguish three groups of enzymes, all of which are found in vital mushrooms:
  1. antioxidant enzymes such as superoxide dismutase, glutathione and laccase
  2. Enzymes that suppress cell proliferation (rapid cell growth and division) such as glucose-2-oxidase and protease.
  3. Detoxifying enzymes such as peroxidases, monoxygenases, dehydrogenases and reductases.

Beta-glucans and glycoproteins

Beta-glucans are a specific type of polysaccharides that belong to the dietary fibers. They have an extremely positive influence on the human metabolism in many respects. For example, they regulate cholesterol levels and improve intestinal flora. Some beta-glucans also modulate the immune system and strengthen the body’s defenses. These helpers of nature are found in all medicinal mushrooms. Only the amount varies from mushroom to mushroom. A molecule composed of several beta-glucans and proteins is called a glycoprotein by biologists. Glycoproteins act in a similar way to beta-glucans themselves, but their power is potentiated many times over. Especially for the immune system they are the absolute booster. That is why they bring many advantages, especially in cancer therapy. Besides beta-glucans, precisely these glycoproteins are found in the capsules of vital mushrooms. However, this applies to carefully dried mushrooms, which are processed as a whole into powder and filled into capsules.


Chitin is a special beta-glucan and has a really exciting mode of action: It “trains” the immune system for emergencies. Chemically, chitin is a ubiquitous polysaccharide found in fungi as well as insects and parasites. If it is ingested with food, the body breaks it down into glucosamine with the help of chitinase. Chitinase is formed in our stomach – in increasing amounts as mushroom consumption increases! It is also found in activated macrophages (immune cells). Since the body does not know where the chitin comes from, the immune system reacts to chitin as it would to a parasite, thus practicing for the worst, so to speak. In addition, chitin inhibits the absorption of fat through the intestinal mucosa. As a result, with regular intake, cholesterol levels decrease and it is easier to reduce body weight. In addition, as mentioned, glucosamine is derived from chitin. This is essential for the health of cartilage, tendons, bones and ligaments and thus for the joints as a whole. Older people in particular are often deficient, which is why an increased supply of glucosamines is strongly recommended.

Overview - which vital mushrooms are there and what can they do?

The intake of vital mushrooms is useful both in the context of prevention and therapy. In the following overview of the 14 most important vital mushrooms, we provide information on the respective strengths and characteristic properties as well as on the most important areas of application.

Agaricus bisporus - mushroom

square picture with mushroom mushrooms growing on culture medium Behind this Latin name hides the commonly known mushroom. Worldwide, it is the most popular edible mushroom and is cultivated in such large quantities as hardly any other mushroom. The reasons are simple: it tastes delicious and is also extremely valuable nutritionally. In particular, the many B vitamins and its high protein content promote well-being. Recent research also confirms that the mushroom is a helpful natural remedy. It can be used to prevent cancer and as part of cancer treatment, especially for hormone-dependent tumors such as prostate and breast cancer. It also has an alleviating effect on gout and acne, and also shows promising results in dementia.

Agaricus blazei murrill (ABM)

square picture with dried ABM mushrooms on white plate This vital mushroom with the delicate almond aroma is a relative of our edible mushroom. In its native Brazilian rainforest, it protects people from degenerative signs of aging. Due to its high content of beta-glucans, experts in alternative medicine use it primarily for cancer and autoimmune diseases. For example, it can alleviate the symptoms of multiple sclerosis and rheumatism. Diabetics benefit from the blood sugar lowering effect as well as the protective effect regarding the pancreas. ABM helps cancer patients by supporting the immune system while also enhancing quality of life during cancer therapy. In addition, ABM has the highest content of antioxidant enzymes of all vital mushrooms.

Auricularia polytricha

square image with Auricularia mushrooms growing in nature The main sphere of action of Auricularias – also called “Judas Ear” or “Mu-Err” – is the blood. It has antiplatelet and antifibrin effects and relaxes the arteries. The risk of thrombosis and similar ailments, such as window shopper’s disease, decreases significantly by taking Auricularias. For centuries it has been a widely used remedy for migraine, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, varicose veins and dementia, which is caused by circulatory disorders in the brain. Today, it can also reduce the risk of thrombosis during long air travel. However, as an adaptogen, its action is equally in the opposite direction: it inhibits excessive bleeding that can occur with hemorrhoids or menstruation.

Chaga (Chaga)

square image with chaga mushrooms growing in nature The home of Chaga is the subarctic region in the northern hemisphere. In German-speaking countries it is also known as “Schiefer Schillerporling”. It has an unusual growth form: Like a boil, it hangs on the trunk of the tree, where it grows up to 5 kg. Chaga cannot be cultivated like most other vital mushrooms and therefore comes exclusively from wild collections – with the exception of the cultivable mycelium. In Russia, it has long been a recognized means of prevention as well as therapy of cancer. In particular, it repeatedly proves its tumor growth inhibitory properties in tumors of the gastrointestinal tract. It also counteracts inflammation, relieves pain and supports the immune system, e.g. in the case of recurring herpes.

Coprinus comatus

square picture with Copinus mushrooms growing in nature This vital mushroom is also a tasty edible mushroom with mild aroma. Because of its peculiarity to melt into a black liquid with age, it once got the name “Schopftintling”. For diabetics, taking Coprinus powder can be a real blessing, as it lowers blood sugar levels and reduces insulin resistance. In diabetes, it also protects the vulnerable islet cells in the pancreas. Another positive effect of Coprinus is the reduction of glucose absorption in the intestine and a general regulation of digestion. Due to its beneficial effect on metabolism, Coprinus is also extremely helpful if you want to reduce your weight. Also positive is its inhibitory effect on breast and prostate cancer cells.

Cordyceps sinensis

square picture with many dried cordyceps mushrooms Cordyceps owes its extravagant appearance to its unusual way of growing: as a parasite, it attacks the caterpillar of a butterfly that lives high in the Himalayas. It slowly consumes the caterpillar, which hibernates underground, and allows a stalk-shaped mushroom body to grow to the surface in the spring. For human health, it is a real asset. Its powder promotes the work of the kidneys, thereby reducing uric acid, urea and creatinine levels. At the same time, it regulates hormone production in the adrenal cortex, which reduces symptoms of stress and lowers the risk of burnout. Cordyceps has a lowering effect on cholesterol levels and regulates blood pressure. Athletes and people with lung conditions benefit from an increase in oxygen supply from cordyceps.

Coriolus versicolor

square picture with coriolus mushrooms growing in nature Ötzi already had a relative of the Coriolus, the “butterfly stramete”, in his luggage. Because our ancestors already appreciated its strengthening effect on the immune system. Like so many other vital mushrooms, it mainly promotes TH1 immune response, which makes the fight against viruses more efficient. Therefore, Coriolus supports the recovery process in case of flu, as well as in case of infestation by herpes viruses, borrelia and human papillomavirus. Following an exhausting illness, this vital mushroom accelerates regeneration. In addition, the use of Coriolus proves itself time and again in the context of cancer therapy, as it supports the immune system and mitigates the side effects of conventional medical measures.

Hericium erinaceus

square image with hericium mushroom growing in nature Hericium has a peculiar appearance, from which its German name “Igelstachelbart” is derived. Asians appreciate it for its taste of seafood, lemon and coconut. It enriches the group of vital mushrooms due to its beneficial properties in the gastrointestinal tract. Here it nourishes the mucous membranes by promoting their build-up and counteracting inflammation. That is why it brings relief especially to people with allergies, intolerances, chronic inflammatory bowel diseases and gastric ulcers. In addition, its use has been proven in cancerous diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. By stimulating the nerve growth factor, it has also shown success in the therapy of nervous system ailments. Many also appreciate its positive influence on concentration and relaxation.


square image with maitake mushroom growing in nature Like many vital mushrooms, maitake is a true jack-of-all-trades. Alternative medicine uses it for a wide variety of ailments from diabetes to hypertension to osteoporosis. In diabetics, it has a positive effect on blood glucose levels, while improving sensitivity to insulin. The fungus has immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effects, which is why it generally takes the wind out of the sails of autoimmune diseases such as ulcerative colitis. It is also a strong fungus against diarrhea of various causes. Since maitake also regulates fat metabolism, its intake prevents arteriosclerosis and subsequently high blood pressure, and is also used therapeutically for this issue. By the way, its German name is “Klapperschwamm”, which it owes to its sponge-like growth.

Pleurotus ostreatus

square picture with Pleurotus mushrooms growing in nature People all over the world appreciate pleurotus as a high-quality meat substitute. Although all vital mushrooms contain the important B vitamins, they are particularly abundant in the oyster mushroom, as the Pleurotus is still called. In particular, vitamin B9 (folic acid) reduces the risk of developing dementia because it lowers homocysteine levels. It also provides valuable protein and important minerals. The pleurotus is also rich in antioxidants. These benefit cancer patients, for example, but also people suffering from viral infections or exposure to chemicals. The intestine, in turn, benefits from the prebiotic properties of the oyster mushroom. Pleurotus is especially valued for the musculoskeletal system for its muscle relaxing and tendon strengthening effects.

Polyporus umbellatus

square picture with polyporus mushrooms growing in nature Polyporus umbellatus also goes by the picturesque name of “oak hare”. From this it is quite easy to deduce its preferred host tree. The central area of action of Polyporus is the body fluids. Thus, it harmonizes the electrolyte and water balance, lowers blood pressure and reduces edema by gently draining the organism. It is extremely positive to note here that it flushes out only sodium and no potassium. Therefore, it is an important mushroom in hypertension. At the same time, the diuretic effect supports bladder health. In addition, polyporus stimulates the work of the lymphatic system and can bring good relief to “heavy” legs. Polyporus is also valued for its beneficial effect on hair growth in cases of unclear hair loss and improvement of skin appearance in acne.

Poria cocos

square picture with three Poria cocos mushrooms in nature In German, the Poria has such significant names as “Kiefernschwamm” and “Kokospilz”. The former refers to its preferred location under pine trees, while the latter alludes to its appearance. The Poria gently drains moisture and mucus without causing a deficiency of potassium. It is therefore very helpful in chronic mucus as found in sinusitis. In general, it prevents excessive mucus formation, which translates into a lower risk of edema, kidney and gall stones, as well as fibroids. The central active ingredient is poriatin. At the same time the Poria protects the kidneys, but also has a beneficial effect on the spleen. TCM also takes advantage of its soothing properties on the stomach in cases of loss of appetite and bloating or “nervous heart”.


square image with reishi mushrooms growing in nature The so-called “mushroom of immortality” is good for the human body on many levels. Already the ancient Chinese knew that its intake keeps young and healthy. Numerous recent research studies confirm these empirical values. Especially in the fight against civilization diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular problems, cancer and mental overload, its use has proven itself many times. It is used here mainly for stress, sleep disorders and high blood pressure. In addition, Reishi alleviates menopause-related symptoms and supports various body organs such as the liver. By also strengthening the immune system, reducing inflammation, and regulating histamine release, it is a reliable companion for alleviating allergies and autoimmune diseases.


square picture with shiitake mushrooms growing in nature Shiitake is a popular edible mushroom in Asia because of its spicy aroma. In Europe, people increasingly appreciate its taste as well as its positive effect on health. In TCM, it is also called the “king of medicinal mushrooms”. Its beneficial effects range from liver protection to cancer prevention. Especially with today’s prevailing eating habits, it is extremely valuable that shiitake accelerates the breakdown of cholesterol. Finally, the better blood lipid levels, along with the anti-inflammatory properties, keep the blood flowing smoothly. Through the increased formation of immune cells, this medicinal mushroom even strengthens the body’s defenses. Shiitake is also valued for chronic headaches or migraines, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and blood vessels.

Exemplary areas of action of the vital mushrooms

We would now like to give you an insight into the essential areas in which vital mushrooms have proven their worth for a long time. This is only a small selection of ailments and diseases that affect a large number of people.

How do vital mushrooms detoxify the organism?

All vital mushrooms have the potential to eliminate toxins from the body by stimulating the production of our detoxification enzymes via epigenetics and can also already bind toxins in the intestine. That is why healing with mushrooms is always a very sustainable approach to diseases. With each intake of mushroom powder, the body gets rid of harmful waste products that would otherwise affect health in the long term. Of course, our organism itself has the ability to eliminate toxins. In many people, however, this process runs inadequately because oxidative stress is too high or heavy metals block this. Vital mushrooms additionally have enzymes that once again boost the detoxification process. This method of detoxification is also effective because, unlike all other known medicinal plants, vital mushrooms contain enzymes for both phase 1 and phase 2 of the natural detoxification process. In phase 1, the corresponding enzymes break down the toxins into their smaller components. This generates a large amount of free radicals. But also for this vital mushrooms have the right antidote up their sleeves: antioxidants. They make the free radicals harmless without further ado. In phase 2 of detoxification, another group of enzymes transforms the toxins into a harmless form that is ultimately excreted. There is probably no human being who does not have toxins in his body. That is why the body’s own defenses always benefit from detoxification of the organism. Capacities are freed up and the organs subsequently work more efficiently again.

How do vital mushrooms strengthen the immune system?

Since vital mushrooms generally promote health, they always have a positive effect on the immune system. Some fungi also specifically support the TH1 immune response, which is responsible for killing infected or degenerate cells. This prevents the spread of the disease in the body. The decisive factor in any immune response is the return to a healthy state of equilibrium, which, however, is not achieved in many people. Many are in a chronic state of inflammation due to, for example, obesity or other diseases of civilization. Vital mushrooms with their equally anti-inflammatory and immune-strengthening ingredients can support the immune system bring the immune system back into a healthy balance.

Medicinally active fungi have already proven effective in the treatment of HIV, herpes simplex, hepatitis B and C, and influenza, among others. In addition, there are microbiotic pathogens, including bacteria that are considered multi-resistant. Due to the immune-boosting properties, non-specific symptoms such as chronic fatigue or frequently recurring colds usually disappear.

Moreover, healing with mushrooms also makes sense in the case of excessive reactions of the immune system. These are the cause of certain autoimmune diseases, allergies and intolerances. As adaptogens, vital mushrooms harmonize the defense processes in the body in such a way that affected persons experience significantly fewer symptoms, and in some cases even no longer perceive any impairments at all.

Can I take vital mushrooms for cancer?

In any case, medicinal mushrooms are wonderful companions for any type of cancer therapy. On the one hand, they support the fight against the tumor, and on the other hand, they increase the quality of life of those affected. The latter is because vital mushrooms can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. For example, they support detoxification, promote the regeneration of bone marrow and mucous membranes, and intercept free radicals with the help of antioxidants. The direct effect on tumor cells varies depending on the fungus and is shown by in vitro studies. In hormone-dependent tumors such as breast cancer, for example, growth is inhibited by fungi that have a balancing effect on the hormone balance. Other vital mushrooms induce apoptosis, the death of tumor cells. Still others prevent the formation of new vessels that the tumor tries to form for its nutrient supply. In human or animal organisms, however, other mechanisms come into play. Z. E.g. the immune support, the improved microcirculation or the prebiotic properties. For example, ABM, Reishi, Shiitake, Hericium, Poria Cocos, and Cordyceps have proven effective in cancer treatments. Ultimately, vital mushrooms should be matched to the individual situation with a therapist. The immune system plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of cancer. If it works well, it detects and combats degenerate cells at an early stage before they can proliferate. Some medicinal mushrooms support this approach by facilitating the detection of degenerate cells. Others have a promoting effect on the efficiency of the immune system via the mechanisms already described. This is an important component in the prevention as well as in the therapy of various cancer diseases.

Which vital mushrooms can I take to lose weight?

Metabolic syndrome is a highly pervasive problem associated with many types of severe to life-threatening conditions. The background to this is usually the so-called “civilization diet”, which is low in vital substances and fiber, coupled with a lack of exercise, which over time inevitably leads to overweight leads. This is accompanied by cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. Type 2 diabetes is also a common side effect of permanent obesity. So aiming for a reasonable BMI is a fundamental choice for better health. Mushrooms are basically an excellent food when it comes to low-calorie, nutritious and filling meals. Due to their positive properties concerning the metabolism, after their consumption there is no feeling of hunger for a long time, although they themselves bring few calories. A central role in lowering cholesterol levels is played by the phytosterols and beta-glucans present in all vital mushrooms. By the way, many of the edible mushrooms we are familiar with belong to the group of vital mushrooms, for example the mushroom, the shiitake, the Mu-Err (Auricularia) and also the Pleurotus. For weight loss especially suitable are all vital mushrooms that stimulate the metabolism and reduce the absorption of fat and carbohydrates in the intestine. The most effective ones are Coprinus, Maitake and possibly additionally Cordyceps. Cordyceps also enhances physical performance by improving oxygenation and mitochondrial activity.

When do vital mushrooms work?

Basically, the effect of vital mushrooms can be felt immediately after the first intake. However, since these are mostly chronic diseases that have existed for many years, naturopathic therapy should be applied rather months. However, the advantage is clearly that there are no side effects. Only the detoxification processes and prebiotic properties may initially cause digestive discomfort or other harmless phenomena. That is why it is usually recommended to start with a low dose and gradually increase it. As the dose increases and the period of use progresses, you will also feel the effect more and more clearly. For exact dosage, please consult our experts. General grams or capsules per day are not reliable, because the dose depends very much on your individual problems and physical constitution.

Where can I buy vital mushrooms?

When looking for a trustworthy supplier of vital mushrooms, be sure to look for high quality standards. This includes the fact that the powder offered is made from the whole mushroom. Responsible growers also ensure that drying takes place at no more than 40° Celsius. This is the only way to preserve all the ingredients, including heat-sensitive enzymes and proteins, which are so important for your health. Of course, the cultivation should adhere to organic guidelines. Only if all contact with toxins is excluded during growth can a safe product be created. In the body, only these pure vital mushrooms act as catalysts that efficiently dissolve toxins and bring them to excretion.

When can I take vital mushrooms?

If you suffer from physical or psychological problems, it is always worthwhile to research suitable vital mushrooms. The fastest and most reliable way to find the right mushrooms for you is to contact our expert consultants. Although you don’t have to fear serious side effects, a sophisticated treatment plan based on sound expertise is the key to tackling your condition as efficiently as possible. It doesn’t matter if you are troubled by bloating, skin rash, persistent infections or joint pain. Against almost every physical ailment in this world has grown a vital mushroom.

For mushroom powders there are many suppliers

You will find trustworthy suppliers with controlled organic cultivation in Germany, but unfortunately also less recommendable importers of cheap goods. Read what is important when buying.

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