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In alternative medicine, healing with mushrooms is traditionally an integral part of the therapy of many diseases.

Medicinal mushrooms are also successfully used for disease prevention, detoxification and strengthening the immune system. Especially in the case of chronic complaints, the vital mushrooms give many people a realistic perspective of returning to a normal life in a healthy body. Another useful effect of many vital mushrooms is the increase of strength and endurance.
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Find out for which symptoms and diseases vital mushrooms can be used.

Medicinal mushrooms

Find out more about medicinal mushrooms and their spectrum of impact in detail.

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Animals -
Healing with mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms are also very effective in the treatment of animals.


Institute for natural health and vital mushrooms

MykoTroph is one of the leading institutes for natural health and vital mushrooms in Europe. The aim of the institute is to make the knowledge about the preventive and healing effects of mushrooms accessible to a broad public in Europe. In doing so, we draw on decades of experience in healing with mushrooms spanning generations. We are proud to share our findings with all interested parties on our website. In our regular newsletters we inform about current developments and new findings in mycotherapy.

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At the Institute, a specially trained team of MykoTherapists is available for personal and individual counselling.

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The most important information about mycotherapy

What does mycotherapy mean?

Mycotherapy is one of the oldest natural healing methods in the world and has its origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Mycotherapy is the use of medicinal or vital mushrooms to improve the health of humans and animals.

A significant advantage is that the use of medicinal mushrooms is a gentle form of treatment and, in contrast to pharmaceutical drugs, has no adverse reactions. The lasting therapeutic success of vital mushrooms for many diseases has been scientifically proven by numerous studies and articles.

Furthermore, vital mushrooms are successfully used in detoxifying the body. Athletes appreciate their performance-enhancing effect on strength and endurance while reducing recovery times.

What you should really know about mycotherapy!

What is the origin of mycotherapy? Why is it so effective? Here you get extensive background knowledge on healing with mushrooms.

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H. P.

"Anyone who has heartburn all the time knows how I suffered. In addition, the permanent intake of acid blockers damaged my liver. After only a short time of taking the Hericium mushroom capsules, I felt much better. Since then, I have had neither stomach pain nor problems with my oesophagus.“

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W. H.

„I have been taking aspirin every day for years as a preventive measure. For some time now, I have been getting more and more stomach aches from it. Since I have been taking Auricularia, the stomach pains are gone. My risk of thrombosis has also been eliminated and yet I have no problems with blood clotting when I injure myself.“

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K. B.

„After 80 chemotherapies, I was diagnosed with two tumours again. I was given up by conventional medicine. That's when I learned about the healing effect of mushrooms and grasped at the last straw. Today I am tumour-free and cured of cancer.“

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    Buy suitable vital mushrooms

    There are very big differences in the price and quality of vital mushrooms.

    We especially recommend the “mushroom powder from the whole mushroom”, because here all active ingredients are contained in their natural composition. It is also important to pack the mushroom powder in capsules, as loose packaging can draw moisture, which affects the quality. Tablets often contain fillers and adhesives. We therefore recommend buying mushroom powder in capsules, preferably in organic quality from a reputable grower.


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    Mushroom powder from German cultivation

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    Organic vital mushrooms in capsules

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    Mushroom powder from the whole mushroom

    There are many suppliers of mushroom powders

    You will find trustworthy suppliers with controlled organic cultivation in Germany, but unfortunately also less recommendable importers of cheap goods. Read what is important when buying.

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