Allergy finally under control: new quality of life thanks to medicinal mushrooms

Sneezing, coughing, reddening of the skin and other symptoms are associated with allergies. But they do not have to permanently affect everyday life. Vital mushrooms alleviate symptoms and tackle the causes of the allergy.

Although allergies tend to run in families – so there is a hereditary component – there are various factors that interact to cause the outbreak in each individual person. They upset the immune system’s healthy balance. Immune imbalances develop, which then trigger excessive reactions. Suddenly the body reacts to harmless substances (allergens) with unpleasant symptoms. These range from reddening of the skin, watery eyes and a runny nose to anaphylactic shock, which can take on life-threatening proportions. Behind many of these “exaggerated” reactions is an increased release of histamine. Vital mushrooms such as reishi act at this point and have an inhibitory effect on the release of histamine. As a result, allergic reactions are less severe.

In addition to alleviating symptoms, naturopathy also knows how to tackle the causes of an allergy. This makes it possible to prevent allergic symptoms from developing in the long term. Vital mushrooms are particularly suitable for this. However, as allergies can be very individual and their development is complex, a general consideration will not suffice. If you are affected by allergies and would like personalized advice, you can contact the MykoTroph Institute’s free hotline. Here you can talk to experienced experts who will analyze your individual case and give you sound advice on treatment options with medicinal mushrooms such as reishi, hericium and cordyceps. In addition to the use of natural remedies, a change in lifestyle is always helpful in the case of allergies. Above all, this includes a focus on a wholesome plant-based diet with foods that are as natural as possible. Allergy sufferers should also avoid skin contact with environmental toxins, i.e. use certified natural cosmetics wherever possible and pay attention to the ingredients of cleaning products.

Wide-ranging support from medicinal mushrooms

One reason why more and more people are suffering from allergies is because of harmful substances or environmental toxins. Air pollution, additives in food, pesticides and questionable ingredients in cleaning products and cosmetics are a burden on the body. Many allergy sufferers also suffer from increased permeability of the intestinal mucosa, which means that more foreign substances enter the bloodstream. This impairs the so-called gut-associated immune system in particular, which can promote uncontrolled immune reactions and inflammation. Vital mushrooms target both intestinal health and the immune system itself. All medicinal mushrooms have a prebiotic effect due to their ingredients, which supports the development of a diverse intestinal flora. Some mushrooms, such as Hericium, also specifically strengthen the mucous membranes. The immune system also benefits from the beta-glucans. These polysaccharides are also found in all medicinal mushrooms and have an immunomodulating effect, i.e. they promote the natural balance of the body’s defenses. When it comes to bronchial complaints, cordyceps is the first choice. It supports the respiratory tract and alleviates symptoms ranging from dry coughs to asthmatic attacks. It also improves oxygen uptake and has an anti-inflammatory effect. This is important because allergies are almost always associated with inflammatory processes.

Finally, medicinal mushrooms have a positive influence on excretory organs such as the liver and kidneys. They strengthen the elimination of toxins, which can be one of the causes of allergies. Even people with neurodermatitis can benefit from the properties of medicinal mushrooms.

Let us advise you!

In a free telephone consultation, our mycotherapists will be happy to take the time to recommend suitable medicinal mushrooms and other health-promoting measures tailored to your situation.

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