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For therapists have we have a special offer - our MykoCampus

The MykoCampus offers training, exciting webinars and up-to-date technical texts on the use of vital mushrooms. We have prepared the concentrated knowledge about mycotherapy compactly and very specifically for therapists.

Take advantage of our decades of experience in the use of vital mushrooms in the therapeutic field. In addition to research and continuous consultation on the health-promoting effects of vital mushrooms, mycotherapeutic training of physicians, alternative practitioners and trainee therapists is a central task of our institute.

Experienced speakers

Our speakers have been holding trainings, lectures, webinars and chats on the topic of vital mushrooms for many years. They will also be very happy to answer any questions you may have on this topic.


We have developed our mycotherapy training specifically for therapists. It contains the concentrated knowledge on mycotherapy. You will learn how to use this very effective form of therapy.

A fanned out MykoCampus Healing Diagrams book.In addition, you will receive detailed training materials from us as well as the clear healing diagram book for daily use in your practice.
Thus, you can start with the therapy of your patients directly after the training. In addition, the experts are still available to you after the training as part of our special telephone therapist consultation.


Woman with long brown hair and glasses sits in front of her laptop and smiles contentedlyIn our free live webinars, we regularly address specific mycotherapy questions. The focus is usually on individual symptom and disease patterns. During and after the webinars you will have the opportunity to ask your questions about the topic. After the live event, the webinar will also be available as a recording and a handout for you to read.

Therapist chats

You can see the hands of a woman operating the keyboard of a laptopThe therapist chats serve to provide information and discussion. As with the webinars, the focus is always on specific symptom and disease patterns.The therapist chats always take place once a month on a Wednesday. Here, too, the recording is available after the live appointment.

Trade fairs and technical texts

You can see the hands of a woman operating iht smartphobe. In the background a coffee cup, plant and an appointment bookOur therapists are regularly on site at trade fairs in German-speaking countries. You can find out exactly where in our schedule. There you will also find all our events and dates. As an additional free offer, we have provided many technical texts on interesting mycotherapeutic topics for you to download in the MykoCampus.

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