The insidious threat to vessels

Cardiovascular disease remains one of the most widely spread common diseases. According to estimates, about half of all deaths in Germany result from the consequences of high blood pressure – more than 400,000 deaths a year. According to data from the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, one in two adults aged 35-64 years have blood pressure values above 140 to 90, which is regarded as the threshold treatment level. As several mechanisms are responsible for the regulation of blood pressure, a disorder can quickly arise. The cause can be found in poor nutrition, obesity, lack of exercise, nicotine and alcohol abuse, stress or hormonal imbalances, but may also be due to epigenetic factors.

Medicinal mushrooms reduce blood pressure naturally

In addition to changing unhealthy habits, weight reduction as well as exercise and relaxation, medicinal mushrooms have proven to be an effective holistic therapeutic option for high blood pressure. Medicinal mushrooms can reduce or even eliminate the different causes and symptoms of hypertension and related diseases such as, for example, diabetes, elevated blood lipids or arteriosclerosis.

Depending on the severity and progression, different medicinal mushrooms for treating high blood pressure are used as accompanying therapy.

Constant elevated systolic pressure

If the systolic blood pressure exceeds values of 140 mmHg over a longer period, it is called hypertension (high blood pressure). However, please take into account that every person has his/her own individual blood pressure or feel-well blood pressure.

If the HDL is too low (<60 mg / dl, or 1.5 mmol/l), the vital cholesterol either absorbed by the food, synthesized by the liver or repelled by the cells can no longer be sufficiently transported back to the liver. This results in vascular deposits (arteriosclerosis); the plaques. The vessels constrict and blood pressure increases. Here the Shiitake and Pleurotus are of therapeutic importance since, on the one hand, they reduce the total cholesterol and, on the other hand, increase HDL-cholesterol. If HDL levels lie above 60 mg/dl or 1.5 mmol/l, plaques can again be broken down and blood pressure normalises. This also has an indirect effect on cardiovascular diseases.

To reduce the risk of thrombosis through plaque formation Auricularia is additionally recommended. It decisively improves the flow properties of the blood and acts against an agglutination of platelets. Thus, the formation of blood clots can be prevented and circulatory disorders can be avoided. According to studies, Auricularia also reduces the total cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

With a diabetically influenced cardiovascular disease the blood fats (triglycerides) are increased. Here, a reduced carbohydrate intake must be observed.

If the triglyceride levels are above 150 mg/dl or 1.7 mmol/l Maitake enables a better metabolism of these lipids. Thus it helps in the breakdown of the dreaded plaques. Particularly with type II diabetes the Maitake improves the ability of the body to detect sugar and to absorb it into the body’s cells. This reduces the sugar content in the blood. By regulating both the blood glucose and the blood lipid levels, the Maitake thus prevents damage to the vessels and lowers blood pressure. Moreover it has been found that a regular Maitake therapy over a few months decreases the total cholesterol and simultaneously prevents a drop in the beneficial HDL cholesterol.

If the hypertension results from a metabolic syndrome (obesity), this is an indication of future diabetes. Here the combined intake of Maitake, Coprinus (shaggy mane fungus) and Auricularia medicinal mushrooms in connection with the juice of the prickly pear, Nopal juice, has proved to be very useful. In addition to the Maitake the Reishi (Lingzhi mushroom) also has cholesterol-lowering properties.

When one has excessively high homocysteine values (> 8 μmol/l) Pleurotus is very helpful because it contains vitamins B12 and B6 and folic acid which are important for the regulation of homocysteine. For homocysteine values above 14 mmol/l it is advisable to take an additional Pleurotus- vitamin B complex. Elevated homocysteine also promotes the tendency to thrombosis. Here Auricularia is a good addition due to its blood fluidity improvement effect.

Fluctuating blood pressure

Blood pressure is not a fixed value and is subject to fluctuations, depending on the stress situation. Physical exertion, stress or mental pressures drive the value upwards. Moderate daily fluctuations are therefore normal. However, if the blood pressure varies excessively and the fluctuations remain outside the norm for long periods of time, Reishi has proven to be helpful. It causes higher oxygen saturation in the blood, which is beneficial to heart activity. It also has a balancing effect on the nervous system, so that also vegetative conditional fluctuations in blood pressure can be arrested and normalised. Even with fluctuating blood pressure the additional intake of Auricularia has proven to be effective because it improves the flow properties of the blood.

If there is also discomfort in the stomach area such as upset stomach, heartburn and gastritis, a supplement of Hericium (lion´s mane, bearded tooth, bearded hedgehog) is recommended. In addition, it is helpful for high blood pressure in relation to disorders of the autonomic nervous system. It stimulates the production of nerve growth factors and can therefore hinder or balance inner anxiety.

Increased diastolic pressure

Often excessive low values indicate a tendency to oedema and lymphatic congestion. In this case conventional medicine recommends and prescribes diuretics to reduce an excessive amount of blood and to relieve the heart. In addition to water though, these diuretics frequently wash out potassium salt important for the body which then promotes cardiac arrhythmias and increased blood pressure. Here the Polyporus (Lumpy bracket) is useful for dehydrating the body. In contrast to most diuretic agents it does not lead to simultaneous flushing out of the valuable potassium. The Polyporus also strengthens the heart and reduces an excessive blood volume.

If the high blood pressure is associated with general exhaustion in connection with cold hands, cold feet and/or a cold nose or also emotional upsets, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine the kidneys, which store our life energy, are weakened. Here the qualities of Cordyceps have proven effective. This medicinal mushroom has a strong connection to the kidneys and strengthens their life force. In addition, this medicinal mushroom regulates the hormone production of the adrenal gland. Thereby, the constricted vessels can be re-dilated and the blood pressure can be lowered.


The effects described are based on the ingestion of medicinal mushroom powder which is prepared from the whole mushroom. Please seek advice from your therapist before using.

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