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How to reduce high blood pressure naturally

27 July 2021
Dr. Dorothee Bös et al.

Treating the high-risk factor for cardiovascular diseases naturally: Hypertension is a serious widespread disease. It causes high costs for the health system and brings suffering and premature death to those affected. Yet it is so easy to reduce hypertension naturally in the early stages already.

With the help of vital mushrooms, in combination with a conscious lifestyle, you can efficiently prevent the fatal consequences of high blood pressure such as stroke and heart attack. In doing so, you don’t even run the risk of serious side effects as they are associated with conventional blood pressure medication. With the help of experts, find exactly the medicinal mushrooms that address the causes of your high blood pressure. As a side effect, the mushrooms also support the detoxification of your body and relieve the unpleasant symptoms of hypertension. Even in advanced stages, vital mushrooms are valuable blood pressure relievers that complement conventional medical treatment. Learn more about the topic of high blood pressure and the possibilities of lowering it naturally with medicinal mushrooms.

Measure and assess blood pressure correctly

What is high blood pressure?

Blood pressure is the pressure that the blood exerts on the walls of the blood vessels. Blood pressure is usually expressed in mmHg (“millimetres of mercury”). When the doctor measures your blood pressure, he always gives you two values. The first and higher value is the so-called “systolic blood pressure”. This value occurs during systole. This refers to the contraction of the heart, during which the blood is forced out of the left main chamber into the large circulatory system. The second value occurs during diastole and is therefore called “diastolic blood pressure”. This is when the heart muscle expands to let blood in. If your values are above the norm, experts speak of “hypertension”.

What blood pressure is normal?

The ideal blood pressure is “120 to 80” (120/ 80). It is by no means necessary that the blood pressure is always just below these values. Depending on the time of day and exertion, a healthy blood pressure may also be higher.

When do you need to treat high blood pressure?

In the case of high blood pressure with disease value, values of 140/ 90 or higher are repeatedly present. In addition to the measurement results, the overall condition of the person concerned also provides information on whether treatment is needed. For example, if chronic illnesses are known or if the person suffers from severe symptoms, medical intervention is definitely called for. However, if the person feels well and is otherwise healthy, he or she can naturally reduce high blood pressure by changing his or her lifestyle. For example, a vital mushroom can be taken as a natural blood pressure reducer. You will find out below which medicinal or vital mushrooms are suitable and when.

From blood pressure values of 160/100, doctors speak of “severe high blood pressure”. This must always be checked by a specialist. In order to avoid serious consequences, it is essential to lower the pressure as quickly as possible.

In individual cases, isolated systolic high pressure may also be present. Unfortunately, it is not possible to lower this high blood pressure naturally. There is a high probability that the heart valve is malfunctioning. This can only be remedied by means of a surgical intervention.

Weiße Anführungszeichen in dunkelblauem Kreis
Mrs E. P. from Lich

„After two passed-over pneumonias, I had bronchitis, mucous sinuses, low blood pressure, depression and elevated cholesterol levels. Thanks to cordyceps, shiitake and reishi, everything is gone. The blood values are back in order.“

Weiße Anführungszeichen in dunkelblauem Kreis
Mrs. V. W. from Oberschlettenbach

„“I have suffered from high blood pressure since I was 18 years old. The cause was never found. I took Beta blockers for a long time and orthomolecular products since 1993. Then I took medicinal mushrooms. The effect was phenomenal. There were immediate positive changes. Today I have everything under control.“

Weiße Anführungszeichen in dunkelblauem Kreis
Mr E. R. from Rodenbach

„“I had unconstrainable hypertension. For about nine months I took two capsules of Maitake- medicinal mushroom powder daily. My blood pressure is now in the normal area. I have no more problems. It feels really good.

    Which high blood pressure is dangerous?

    Doctors speak of a “hypertensive crisis” when the blood pressure is above 180/120. In such a case, it is no longer possible to think about lowering the high blood pressure naturally. On the contrary, the emergency doctor should be called immediately. Signs of such high blood pressure can be headaches or sudden nausea. Such hypertensive crises usually occur in people who already suffer from chronic high blood pressure.

    How can you recognise high blood pressure?

    Lowering high blood pressure is, of course, easiest in the early stages. But few people recognise it early enough. Therefore, pay particular attention to the following early warning signs:
    • Headaches in the morning
    • Frequent reddening of the face
    • Dizziness
    • Ringing in the ears
    • Nosebleeds
    • Feeling tired for no apparent reason
    • Persistent nervousness

    These symptoms can appear early in the course of the disease. If you react immediately, it may work to lower high blood pressure naturally. The following four symptoms are more likely to indicate that high blood pressure has already been present for some time:

    • Shortness of breath
    • Feeling of pressure in the head
    • Visual disturbances
    • Water retention, for example in the legs

    If you suspect hypertension, you should always consult a specialist. Only a specialist can reliably assess the severity of the condition. He or she will also look for the causes, knowledge of which is very important for the best possible course of action.

    Ein Mann misst sich den Blutduck mit einem Messgerät - die Anzeige zeigt zu hohe Werte anHow do you measure blood pressure?

    To measure your blood pressure, use an electronic blood pressure monitor for the upper arm or wrist. The cuffs for the upper arm automatically sit at heart level and thus enable a more accurate measurement than the devices for the wrist. With the latter, you should keep the wrist as loose as possible (e.g. by supporting the elbow) at the level of the heart during the measurement.

    Always take two or three measurements about two minutes apart. Record the lowest measured blood pressure in your profile. For meaningful data, your profile should include several blood pressure measurements per day. Only the accurate behaviour of blood pressure over many days will allow you to decide whether lowering blood pressure can be done naturally or with the help of medication.

    Check occasionally whether the measurement is the same in both arms. Regular differences of more than 10 mmHg can indicate arteriosclerosis in the peripheral blood vessels.

    Junge Frau telefoniert zufrieden lächelnd mit Blick aus dem Fenster

    Every person is unique!

    Our experienced team of mycotherapists will be happy to advise you in detail and free of charge on all matters relating to your health:

    Causes and consequences of high blood pressure

    Who is affected by high blood pressure?

    According to official statistics, about one third of adults in this country suffer from high blood pressure. Lowering it can significantly increase average life expectancy. About half of all deaths in Germany are related to high blood pressure.

    In many cases, people only become aware of their problem when they develop secondary diseases. By then it is usually too late to lower high blood pressure naturally. By the time symptoms appear, most people have already suffered damage to their organs and blood vessels. This is why high blood pressure is also called the “silent killer”.

    On average, men are affected slightly more often than women. The risk of developing hypertension increases significantly with age. Of those over 65, almost two-thirds are affected. But the disease is also spreading among children and adolescents. According to estimates, 70,000 minors in Germany alone suffer from high blood pressure. Especially at this age, a natural antihypertensive together with a change in lifestyle can still change a lot.

    Causes of primary hypertension

    About 90 % of all cases of high blood pressure are classified as primary hypertension. The cause lies in the interaction of various factors:
    • constant stress, such as occurs during on-call duties or in home care
    • unhealthy diet, which is rich in phosphates, salt, animal protein, fat and low in potassium
    • lack of exercise
    • hormonal disorders
    • sleep disorders
    • nicotine or alcohol abuse
    • oxidative stress
    • hyperacidity

    Many of these factors are interdependent or usually occur together. In addition, a genetic disposition also plays a role. Some people are simply more “susceptible” to high blood pressure than others. But even in these, high blood pressure can be lowered if the appropriate measures are taken in time.

    In general, the risk of high blood pressure increases with age. The vessels become stiffer and the system loses plasticity. Women are particularly susceptible to a derailment of blood pressure at the end of the menopause. The reason for this is the changes in hormone balance.

    Unfortunately, some medicines can also cause an increase in blood pressure as a side effect. In children, particular attention should be paid to medicines for ADHD. Some women can lower their blood pressure by using natural contraception, for example the temperature method. Artificial contraceptives such as the pill can also cause high blood pressure. The same applies to rheumatism medication and drugs such as cocaine.

    Why does obesity cause high blood pressure?

    man schaut aus der Sicht einer stämmigen Person auf die Anzeige einer PersonenwaageWe would like to address obesity as a cause of high blood pressure separately at this point, as it is a very common and also complex factor. In the case of overweight, the Body Mass Index is above 25, which applies to two thirds of men and half of women in Germany.

    Excessive weight is associated with metabolic syndrome. Here, obesity is joined by a lipometabolic disorder with elevated triglycerides and low HDL cholesterol, as well as insulin resistance.

    In short, obesity throws the entire metabolism out of balance. Inflammatory processes occur that damage the vessels and can develop into arteriosclerosis. The risk of vasoconstriction increases dramatically. Of course, the factors already mentioned, such as lack of exercise and a poor diet, also play a role here. And this is exactly where the levers are to be found to lower high blood pressure naturally before it gets out of hand.

    Secondary hypertension

    3D-Illustration von verkalkten AterieenDoctors speak of secondary hypertension when the blood pressure results from another underlying disease. This very often affects diabetes patients, for example, as the disease damages the blood vessels and increases the platelets. Here, natural treatment with vital mushrooms and a change in diet is very helpful. Other diseases that can cause high blood pressure are:

    • Metabolic disorders such as Cushing’s syndrome
    • Kidney diseases
    • Hyperthyroidism
    • Food intolerance (blood pressure drops immediately when the food in question is omitted)
    • Chronic inflammation
    • Sleep apnoea (prevents a drop in blood pressure, especially at night)

    In all these diseases, a natural blood pressure reducer can only help to a limited extent. When using vital mushrooms, care should be taken to ensure that the respective mushroom primarily contributes to alleviating the underlying disease.

    Why is high blood pressure dangerous?

    Too high blood pressure damages the body. First and foremost, the blood vessels suffer from the unnaturally high pressure conditions. As a result, the body’s tissues and various organs are affected. High blood pressure can also be an early warning sign of vascular calcification. As a result of arteriosclerosis, vessels can become completely blocked. In the worst case, this can lead to a heart attack if the coronary vessels are affected, or to a stroke if blood vessels in the brain become blocked.

    Furthermore, high blood pressure can cause the walls of the blood vessels to bulge. These so-called aneurysms can burst and lead to life-threatening internal bleeding.
    If vascular occlusion occurs in the legs, this is called peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAVD) or “shop window disease”. It is accompanied by severe pain in the legs. High blood pressure can also cause oedema in the legs.

    „Water in the lungs” or pulmonary oedema refers to a severe impairment of the respiratory system. This extremely unpleasant phenomenon can occur when the heart is affected by high blood pressure. Breathing then becomes much more difficult than usual. Different types of damage can occur to the heart itself: Thickening of the heart muscle, cardiac arrhythmia, cardiac insufficiency or coronary heart disease. The latter in particular is often accompanied by pain and a feeling of tightness in the chest.

    In the brain, high blood pressure can cause vascular dementia. In this case, reduced blood flow leads to a lack of nutrients and oxygen. This considerably impairs the brain’s performance and leads to mental deterioration.
    The kidneys also suffer from the changed pressure conditions in the vessels. In case of doubt, this can lead to kidney failure. Often, the kidneys also play a reinforcing role in high blood pressure. If they are poorly supplied, they demand higher pressure. As a result of kidney damage, oedema and lymphatic congestion can occur.
    A final very typical phenomenon in hypertension is damage to the retina. In so-called hypertensive retinopathy, vision is severely impaired.

    How can you lower high blood pressure naturally?

    Help through medicinal or vital mushrooms

    ein sehr schönes Reishi-Exemplar auf einem Stück Holz, daneben ein Holzlöffel mit Pilzpulver gefülltWith the help of medicinal mushrooms you can lower your high blood pressure naturally. For a successful treatment, it is first important to find out the causes of the hypertension. Only then is it possible to make a targeted selection of medicinal mushrooms that will bring the greatest possible benefit for your individual constitution. Lowering blood pressure in the long term is, of course, the primary goal. In addition, the vital mushrooms can also alleviate the symptoms of hypertension such as headaches or fatigue. In this way, you already gain in quality of life and performance in the short term. The carefully selected vital mushrooms also reduce the risk of serious secondary diseases.

    Whether high blood pressure can be lowered with vital mushrooms alone depends greatly on the extent of the hypertension. In mild and moderate cases, the medicinal mushrooms, which are often thousands of years old, have proven to be effective. However, parallel to taking them, you should always start with a change in your lifestyle. Have trained specialists accompany you in this process. In cases of severe hypertension, it is usually not possible to do without medication. In this case, however, the vital mushrooms can reduce the amount of medication needed. If you look at the side effects of blood pressure lowering tablets, this also means a gain in quality of life.

    Which ingredients of the vital mushrooms lower blood pressure?

    Vital mushrooms contain various substances that naturally support the lowering of blood pressure. In the intestine, for example, they act as a prebiotic. They promote healthy intestinal bacteria and prevent inflammation. A healthy intestine is the basis for a healthy body.

    The Triterpene – substances contained in many medicinal mushrooms – have an anti-inflammatory effect. They reduce inflammation in the blood vessels, which could otherwise develop into constrictions and even blockages over time. In addition, triterpenes lower the cholesterol level by inhibiting the body’s own synthesis on the one hand and the absorption from food on the other. Betaglukanes also have an anti-inflammatory effect. They promote the production of nitric oxide (NO), which in turn counteracts the formation of plaque during inflammation. It inhibits platelet aggregation and has an antioxidant effect. In addition, NO has a regulating effect on the blood vessels.

    An adequate supply of potassium, magnesium and folic acid is also essential for the ideal adjustment of vascular tone. These micronutrients are found in medicinal mushrooms in quite high quantities and thus help to lower high blood pressure naturally. The same applies to ergosterol, which as a precursor of vitamin D2 also has blood pressure-lowering effects. It is mainly found in maitake and cordyceps.

    The last ingredient in this series is adenosine. It is one of the most important nucleosides in the body, as it plays an indispensable role as a component of important substances such as RNA, DNA (genome) and ATP (energy). It occurs both in its pure form and as an analogue in various vital mushrooms. It has antithrombotic and antiarrhythmic effects and blocks activating neurotransmitters such as dopamine. It thus stabilises the heart and circulation, lowers blood pressure and even improves blood flow to the heart vessels.

    Vital mushroom Auricularia

    Auricularia-Pilze auf weißem HintergrundThis vital mushroom contains the adenosine mentioned above. This alone helps to lower high blood pressure naturally. In addition, Auricularia has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. Both properties are important to protect the vascular walls from inflammation and plaques that attach to them. The antithrombotic effect is also beneficial. Other ingredients of this vital mushroom contribute to a reduction of total cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body. This reduces the risk of excess lipids being deposited on the walls of the blood vessels.

    A general vasodilating function of Auricularia also ensures an unobstructed blood flow. This is extremely important, especially for the smallest blood vessels, which are the first to suffer from a lack of oxygen in the case of hyperacidity. If the smallest arteries and veins become clogged, the larger main pathways are also no longer sufficiently supplied. As a result, plaques develop.

    Vital mushroom Coprinus

    The Coprinus supports the organism in regulating the blood sugar level. This can lower diabetes-related high blood pressure. The comatin in Coprinus, for example, prevents the dangerous saccharification of proteins and the resulting severe organ damage. Coprinus and a wholefood diet rich in plant fibres can help to reverse diabetes and thus avoid the threat of insulin or dialysis. Together with maitake, Coprinus can improve insulin resistance caused by fat storage. In addition, diabetics should ensure a good supply of vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, B1 and chromium.

    Vital mushroom Cordyceps

    Drei getrocknete Cordyceps auf weißem HintergrundThe favourite organ of the Cordyceps is the kidneys. It strengthens and protects them. Since the kidneys, together with the adrenal cortex, play a central role in regulating blood pressure, dysfunction is almost always accompanied by undesirable fluctuations in blood pressure. This is where cordyceps comes in to lower high blood pressure naturally. It supports the kidneys during stress and regulates the hormone production of the adrenal cortex. In practice, it is recommended above all for elevated diastolic values.

    Vital mushroom Hericium

    This medicinal mushroom is an excellent remedy for stress-related hypertension. The Hericium has a relaxing effect by stimulating the production of nerve growth factors. This has a positive influence on stress-related high blood pressure. At the same time, it also alleviates stomach complaints that often occur with inner restlessness.

    Vital mushroom Maitake

    The Maitake helps to lower high blood pressure naturally, especially if it is due to obesity or diabetes. It stimulates the metabolism and thus supports weight loss. Its ingredients prevent lipid accumulation in the liver and lower blood lipid levels. In particular, the concentration of triglycerides should not exceed the critical value of 150 mg/dl. Otherwise, there is a high risk of lipid deposits on the vascular walls. Other positive effects are that maitake can lower uric acid and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

    Vital mushroom Pleurotus

    For homocysteine, the critical value is 10. Any measurement results above this indicate an increased risk of hypertension. Pleurotus helps you to prevent exactly this. It has a lowering effect on the homocysteine value by promoting the conversion to the amino acid cysteine.

    Vital mushroom Polyporus

    Foto eines schönen Exemplars des PolyporusThis vital mushroom unfolds its effect as a natural blood pressure reducer in a completely different way than the preceding medicinal mushrooms. The Polyporus has a dehydrating effect. The increased excretion of water and salt reduces the blood volume. This immediately lowers the existing blood pressure and also counteracts oedema and lymph congestion. The excretion of sodium has a particularly positive effect on night-time blood pressure, which is directly linked to sleep quality. In contrast to synthetic dehydrating drugs, it does not promote the excretion of potassium. This mineral plays a central role in the regulation of blood pressure and heart activity. Thus, high blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmias can result from a lack of potassium.

    Vital mushroom Reishi

    The Reishi is rich in the above-mentioned triterpenes and thus acts against inflammation and increased fat levels. However, one of its main functions is to reduce stress. It can thus naturally reduce high blood pressure caused by vegetative processes. Furthermore, the Reishi supports the circulation by increasing the oxygen saturation of the blood. This is due to the abundant germanium it contains and promotes the health of all organs and thus also the heart. Incidentally, a popular combination is that of Reishi and Auricularia. Together they are very efficient at lowering high blood pressure naturally.

    Vital mushroom Shiitake

    Vier Shiitake-Pilze auf weißem Hintergrund liegendSimilar to maitake, shiitake primarily targets blood lipid levels. It is able to increase HDL cholesterol. The aim is to achieve a value of over 60 mg/dl. This is because HDL can then actively promote the breakdown and removal of cholesterol. As a result, the total cholesterol level drops, which prevents the formation of plaque. Other positive and blood pressure-lowering attributes of shiitake are the lowering of uric acid, the inhibition of homocysteine formation and the general promotion of blood circulation.

    Do vital mushrooms have side effects?

    Undesirable side effects as we usually see with pharmaceutical drugs are not known with vital mushrooms. With them you can lower your high blood pressure naturally without the dangers of conventional medicines. In case of doubt, it is more likely that effects will occur that you did not consider when taking them. For example, if the dosage is too high at first, detoxification symptoms may occur. The mushrooms contain many enzymes that break down toxins and thus lead to their elimination. This is positive because your body starts to get rid of harmful substances. In order not to overload the corresponding excretory organs during this process, the dosage of medicinal mushrooms should be started low and slowly increased. Then the detoxification will run alongside without you noticing. If you want to lower your high blood pressure naturally, it is therefore indispensable to discuss the exact procedure with an expert.

    How should medicinal mushrooms be taken?

    So your problem is high blood pressure and you would prefer to lower it in a gentle, natural way?
    Then a combination of several mushrooms makes sense at first. This way you can tackle several causes at the same time with a low dosage. This prevents undesirable detoxification symptoms.
    In the course of the therapy, the dosage should be adjusted individually. Specific advice is irreplaceable here. In order for the vital mushrooms to really function effectively as a natural blood pressure reducer, they must be used according to the causes and symptoms. One or the other vital mushroom will probably emerge that should be taken in larger quantities. The overall dose can also be increased over time, as detoxification symptoms become increasingly unlikely.
    With regard to the duration of intake, you must assume at least three months. Only then will the organism’s reaction be clearly recognisable. Of course, the effect occurs earlier, but due to natural fluctuations, the repeated measurement of some parameters only makes sense after a period of a good twelve weeks. Certain blood values, for example, can be very informative here.
    When the hypertension improves, you should by no means stop taking the vital mushrooms straight away. At first, you should only reduce the dose. If the attempt to lower high blood pressure naturally was successful, the effect still remains. The vital mushrooms can then be gradually phased out. All in all, the treatment of high blood pressure can take several years. And that makes a natural blood pressure reducer like the vital mushroom even better than conventional medicines. The latter often have to be taken for a lifetime.

    Reduce high blood pressure with the right diet

    A healthy diet is absolutely recommended in addition to the vital mushrooms. This alone can do much to lower blood pressure. Of course, a healthy diet alone is not sufficient for severe hypertension. Herz aus Obst und Gemüse für gesunden Blutdruck

    But in the case of mild hypertension, it can, together with vital mushrooms and a well-thought-out exercise programme, turn things around.
    The focus should be on a whole-food, plant-based diet. When preparing your meals, orientate yourself on Mediterranean cuisine. Use primarily fresh foods. In general, high blood pressure can be easily reduced by eating as little animal protein as possible and keeping salt low. Three to five grams per day is the absolute maximum. Less is better. Also, make sure you drink enough fluids with water and herbal teas. Alcohol and nicotine should only be consumed in very small amounts – better not at all.

    Reduce high blood pressure through sport and exercise

    Another essential pillar for good circulation is regular exercise. Daily endurance sports are ideal. But it doesn’t always have to be a marathon. Nordic walking or brisk walks already have a great effect on blood pressure. älterer Mann geht im Grünen walken um Bluthochdruck zu senken

    Add to this a few laps in the swimming pool once a week and you will feel fitter and much less stressed.
    Sport is also a good way to lose excess weight. It is especially important to reduce belly fat which leads straight to metabolic syndrome and thus to high blood pressure. Smokers should significantly reduce their tobacco consumption or, at best, quit altogether. You don’t need a cigarette to relax! In addition, yoga, Qi Gong, autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation are very efficient methods to wind down. Besides, they act as a natural blood pressure reducer, as relaxation naturally brings the circulation to rest.

    Ideally, combine a whole-food plant-based diet with regular exercise and the intake of vital mushrooms. This gives you the best chance of lowering your high blood pressure naturally. If you already have to take medication against hypertension, the measures just mentioned can most likely reduce the dose. However, please never stop taking the tablets or reduce the dose on your own! Always consult your doctor first!

    If you take the measures described here to heart and have a mixture of vital mushrooms put together that is suitable for you, you will notice how easy it is to lower high blood pressure. Besides, you will feel fitter, healthier, more resilient and even happier.

    Please consult your therapist before use!

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