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Fibromyalgia is also popularly called soft-tissue rheumatism. It is a generalised pain syndrome with chronic pain in the muscles and joints. Since usually no increased rheumatoid factor is detected, fibromyalgia is not directly assigned to the field of rheumatology, but rather classified as “pain syndrome”. From the muscle attachment on the back of the head to the inside of the knee, 18 characteristic painful pressure points, the so-called “tender points” are found in fibromyalgia patients. Often at these points aclearly palpable induration (hardening) of the muscles can be found. If at eleven of these 18 points pressure triggers a violent pain and this pain response persists for more than three months, a diagnosis of “fibromyalgia syndrome” is made. The number of people affected – 90 percent women – is constantly growing. On account of the severe pain associated with a low pain tolerance, the fibromyalgia patient quickly reaches his/her physical and mental stress limits.

Therapeutic approaches

Treatment with psychotherapeutic methods, relaxation exercises and physical measures unfortunately have their limits. Usually in conventional medical treatment mood-enhancing psychotropic drugs, sedatives, muscle relaxants, opiate painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs and corticoids are prescribed. Sometimes spectacular early successes are achieved, but usually no lasting effect occurs. It is therefore important to create a holistically oriented multimodal overall treatment plan, in which, amongst other things, therapeutic medicinal mushrooms are included and the individual mental condition of the patient is taken into account.

Medicinal mushrooms

To compensate the overwrought sensations, the Reishi mushroom is recommended. Together with Hericium it has a calming effect on the nerves. Reishi is also helpful for thepurging of toxins, viruses and bacteria.Furthermore, it purifies the blood, regulates the hormonal household and relieves pain.

The intestine is the central training centre of the immune system. Many fibromyalgia patients have impaired intestinal flora. Here the medicinal fungi Hericium and Pleurotus help it to regenerate and rebuild.

The Cordyceps fungus can positively affect hormonal fluctuations. It has a regulating effect on the psyche and relieves depression. Beyond that it supports the renal function, so that the excretion of water-soluble pollutants via the kidneys is stimulated.

The polysaccharides in Polyporus act diuretically where there is lymph congestion and water retention, without – as with most other diuretics – flooding out potassium, which has an important function in the organism.


The effects described are based on the ingestion of medicinal mushroom powder which is prepared from the whole mushroom. Please seek advice from your therapist before using.

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