Stress – everyone knows it

Stress symptoms can be countered very well with vital mushrooms.

Stress affects almost everyone today. More and more people find the constant demands placed on them to be stressful. Accustomed to permanently meeting high demands in work and family life, we are coming under increasing pressure to perform. Over a certain period of time, body and psyche can adapt to the constantly arising tasks. At a certain point, however, the body starts to draw attention to itself with disorders and diseases.

Stress is triggered by external factors. It can have both positive and negative effects. A distinction is made between physical and psychosocial stressors. In any case, stress is a necessary reaction of the body to strain and is experienced differently from person to person.

We distinguish between eustress, the positive, and distress, the negative form of stress. Eustress spurs people to peak performance and is characterised by the constant alternation of sympathetic and parasympathetic parts of the autonomic nervous system. The person feels able to master the situation. Stress on the other hand is stressful and makes people ill. It can be triggered by stimulus satiation, noise, lack of time, examination situations, death of a close relative, lack of money, bullying etc.


For our ancestors it was of course vital to react immediately to any threatening situation. Here, the body has released the energy again. In our modern society, however, our body can hardly distinguish whether we are exposed to the life-threatening attack of a lion, for example, or our superior is just in a bad mood. In both cases, he or she is therefore releasing hormones that trigger the stress reactions in the organism. Psychological stress also has a direct influence on physical events.

Constant stress makes you ill

If our stress level is too high, our susceptibility to infections, headaches, sleep disorders and poor performance increases. The psychological changes include moodiness, increased irritability, increasing lack of concentration, forgetfulness and depression. Due to the constantly increased cortisol level, blood sugar and blood lipids can derail on the physical level. Blood pressure also rises, increasing the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, which are closely related to stress.

Stress management

Relaxation exercises such as autogenic training, yoga, Qi Gong or endurance sports reduce stress. A wholefood diet rich in vital substances, regular exercise, Kneipp treatments and joy of life significantly improve physical and mental well-being. It is important to maintain or regain inner balance. As an accompanying and supporting measure, vital mushrooms contribute to the restoration of health. According to records, they have been used as a medicine in Asia for over 4,000 years in some cases.


Look for ways out of the stress. If possible, free yourself from the stressful situation. Balancing activities are also recommended – sport reduces hormone overproduction very well. In addition, vital mushrooms are ideal for keeping body and mind in balance and supporting the immune system.

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