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Cure leaky gut syndrome (permeable bowel)

November 30, 2020
Dr. Dorothee Bös et al.

“Leaky gut” translates to “permeable bowel.” In this clinical picture, the intestinal mucosa is more permeable than in healthy people. In this way, foreign substances that are normally simply excreted can enter the bloodstream directly. This overloads the body and the immune system. A healthy diet and medicinal mushrooms can help.

Consequential diseases caused by leaky gut syndrome

Leaky gut syndrome itself is initially asymptomatic. However, it can be one of the causes of many serious diseases. These include diabetes, allergies, cancer, rheumatism, multiple sclerosis, circulatory diseases, kidney diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, migraines, acne and depression.

Natural therapy

The therapy of leaky gut syndrome is at the same time the prevention and therapy of the mentioned diseases. In addition to healthy exercise and diet, mycotherapy offers very effective treatment options here.

Vital mushrooms can gently and sustainably regenerate the gut and thus cure leaky gut syndrome. They help the body rebuild healthy intestinal flora and serve as nutrients for the good intestinal bacteria, the probiotics. Through their detoxifying effect, medicinal mushrooms help the body to eliminate the substances wrongly absorbed by the too permeable intestine.


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