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Migraine - more than just a headache

 February 14, 2021
Dr. Dorothee Bös et al.

Vital mushrooms can provide permanent relief for migraine patients.

Migraine is a neurological disorder in which seizure-like, pulsating headaches – known as migraine attacks – occur. In combination with them usually appear other complaints such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, sensitivity to light or noise. The discomfort worsens with exercise. Quietness and darkness are usually perceived as relieving by those affected.

In a small proportion of patients, a migraine attack is preceded by perceptual disturbances or particular sensory disturbances, such as visual or speech disturbances. They are called “aura”. An acute migraine attack usually lasts between four hours and three days and then subsides completely.

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Migraine prophylaxis is the best therapy

Conventional medicine distinguishes between acute therapy with drugs against inflammation, pain and nausea and prophylaxis in the period between attacks. Particular importance is attached to prophylaxis. There is ample evidence that a migraine attack suppressed by medication “comes back.” Often, the pain actually intensifies during the subsequent attack. On the other hand, a seizure experienced without medication can apparently act like a cleansing thunderstorm.

Medicinal mushrooms provide long-term relief

There are also effective medicinal mushrooms for migraine patients. They are used prophylactically and can provide significant long-term relief of the clinical picture. Medicinal mushrooms, also known as medicinal mushrooms or vital mushrooms, are characterized by their metabolism-regulating, circulation-promoting, balancing and strengthening properties.

They also contain liver and bile stimulating ingredients. Thus, they are ideal for natural therapy of migraine. Reishi, for example, stimulates blood circulation, improves the body’s oxygen supply, strengthens the liver, and helps the body process stress.

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