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Effectively treat heart disease in animals with vital mushrooms

The symptoms of animal heart disease

September 3, 2021
Petra Remsing – veterinary practitioner

Acquired heart disease accounts for the vast majority of heart disease in animals. The often first and only symptom is coughing, which is usually not associated with heart disease by pet owners because of its initially occasional occurrence when stressed.

This is one of the reasons why acquired heart disease is often detected very late. With this in mind, it is advisable to keep a close eye on your animals and react to such phenomena at an early stage. A cure is only possible with very early treatment.

Heart failure most common in animals

For the vast majority of acquired heart diseases, namely valvular and myocardial diseases, there is no conventional medical treatment option. Sooner or later, these diseases all lead to the same appearance, namely heart failure. Heart failure is when the heart is no longer able to supply the body with sufficient blood despite compensatory mechanisms.

It can occur as a result of any heart disease and is a common condition in dogs and cats. In left heart failure, symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath, and pulmonary edema are predominantly visible. These are signs of congestion in the pulmonary circulation.

Abdominal dropsy (ascites), water retention in the abdomen (hydrothorax), forelegs and hind legs (peripheral edema) are signs of right heart failure. Depending on the severity of the disease, symptoms occur at rest or with exertion. In advanced heart failure, all symptoms of left and right heart failure become apparent.

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Obesity and exercise

Optimal body weight is especially important in heart disease. In overweight patients, weight reduction should be started as soon as possible, otherwise the heart will be unnecessarily stressed. In this case, attention should be paid to a low-sodium diet, with sodium intake adjusted to the severity of the disease.

Another very important point is the movement. Extreme stress should be avoided with an animal that has a heart condition. Exercise should be adapted to the disease and physical condition. This can vary considerably depending on the shape of the day. Stress and overheated rooms should be avoided in dogs and domestic cats.

With mycotherapy, an improvement of the diseases, a delay in the course of the disease or, if treated very early, a cure is achieved.

Each animal is unique!

Our experienced team will be happy to advise you in detail and free of charge on all matters relating to the health of your pet:

Vital mushrooms for effective therapy of heart diseases in animals

The Reishi

Reishi improves oxygen supply to the heart muscle and reduces tissue oxygen consumption. It helps with cardiac insufficiency, severe blood pressure fluctuations and cardiac arrhythmias.

The vital mushrooms Auricularia and Cordyceps

Auricularia has a vasodilator effect and improves the flow of blood. In addition, it has a blood-thinning effect as well as an afterload-lowering (expectoration-promoting) effect. Cordyceps improves blood flow to the kidneys.

Polyporus - medicinal mushroom with draining effect

Its intake counteracts irregularities of cardiac activity, lowers preload and afterload. Polyporus drains and increases the flow of urine. The increased excretion of water lowers blood pressure, relieves the heart and lowers preload (counteracts congestion). Venous pressure drops, this counteracts pulmonary congestion and edema formation.

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Note: The described effects are based on the intake of medicinal mushroom powder prepared from the whole mushroom. Please consult your pet therapist before use.


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