The importance of mushrooms for humanity

People have been aware of the value of mushrooms as a food for thousands of years. Today they provide us with a healthy and exceptionally tasty foodstuff to enrich our menus.

Mushrooms are exceptionally rich in valuable organic vital substances and also contain very few calories. They are therefore very suitable for weight loss and of course to maintain a healthy weight. Since the “Ötzi” find, it is also known that mushrooms were used not only in Asia but also in Europe more than 5300 years ago for medicinal purposes.

Just like nature, our body also knows that it can detoxify with the help of mushrooms. Mushrooms are capable of splitting up toxins so they can be eliminated. If our body can no longer keep up with our detoxification, then it allows the development of so-called “weakness fungi”. The most well-know of these is no doubt Candida albicans. It is needed especially to reduce the burdening of the organism with mercury for example due to amalgam in tooth fillings.

Many therapists are of the opinion that one must combat the so-called “weakness fungi” immediately. However, they do not appear to be clear on why the body allowed these fungi in the first place. “Weakness fungi” are also very often found in the body after chemotherapy, which leads as a side effect to a very high toxin burden on the organism. Here their occurrence is also almost always viewed as very negative and then usually combatted with even more chemicals. However, these fungi support the body in detoxification, therefore they should not be combatted and especially not by means of more chemicals.

Medicinal mushrooms help to detoxify

Medicinal mushrooms (pillar fungi) help the body very effectively in detoxification. Subsequently, it does not need so many of the so-called “weakness fungi” for detoxification. Even though it may appear paradoxical for many therapists (doctors and healthcare practitioners) at first, one can reduce the “weakness fungi” in the body with the right medicinal mushrooms. This still largely unknown fact, that mushrooms detoxify, is ultimately the reason why many therapists are not always without reservations towards medicinal mushroom treatment.

Since the discovery of penicillin (antibiotics), a mould fungus, by Alexander Fleming, modern medicine is also aware of what positive effects fungi can harbour. Immunosuppressants (cyclosporin) are also extracted from mushrooms.

In homeopathy even remedies made from poisonous mushrooms are used for our recovery, in accordance with the wise saying by Paracelsus: “All substances are poisons, there is none which is not a poison. Only the dose makes the poison.”

Old traditions

Cultures with a shamanic tradition use psychotropic mushrooms to open the mind towards healing, as many people do not allow healing because they have resigned themselves to their illness. The reason for this is often that illness can also be associated with positive experiences on the emotional front. If we are ill, we receive more attention, we are visited more often and receive flowers and other gifts. Nor do we need to function as perfectly as when we are healthy. This is not only a phenomenon of our modern era. The shamans were already aware of this centuries ago.


Prejudices such as “it cannot be possible that mushrooms heal” can also prevent healing. If we are of the firm belief from the outset that a certain medication, a certain healing procedure or a natural medicine such as medicinal mushrooms are of no use they will scarcely be of any help. Animals do not know such negative attitudes and therefore medicinal mushrooms work well for them.

We would therefore like to give you some good advice: please be positive, allow healing to take its course and try to allow the positive powers of the medicinal mushrooms take effect on your body. Even if you say you have already tried so many things and nothing worked.
Mushrooms also have a balancing and regulating effect on our nervous and hormone system. They bring the body back into balance and help it with its important detoxification processes. Medicinal mushrooms also have specific organ associations. They can therefore support and regenerate the respective organs such as the liver, the kidneys, the lymph system etc. in a targeted manner. And quite generally: with medicinal mushrooms it is easier to regain balance of the body, mind and spirit.

How does one know if the mushrooms are having an effect and can side effects occur?

In most cases, our body reacts very directly to the medicinal mushrooms. In relation to the detoxifying effect of the mushrooms, however, it can happen that the stored toxins are released so quickly that our elimination organs cannot keep up with the elimination of the toxins and waste products.

Mushrooms release toxins and our elimination organs must then also eliminate these released toxins.

Especially if our body is heavily burdened with toxins, reactions may initially occur that we consider negative. These can include diarrhoea, nausea, dizziness, stomach pressure or skin reactions. However, these are all initial reactions that show us how quickly the mushrooms are taking effect and that our body needs further support.

It is therefore very important not to give up when these initial reactions occur! Simply give your body more time and reduce the intake dose until the initial reactions no longer occur. In individual cases, this can also mean that only half a capsule should initially be taken per day.

Do not overburden your body but help it in its detoxification procedures. The priority is to support the liver and the kidneys.


With the medicinal mushroom Reishi, we can support liver regeneration and its detoxification capacity. The broken-down toxins are then eliminated from the body through bile flow. For this reason, bile flow often needs additional support. Gall bladder tea is a good option for this, ideally one cup before mealtimes.

Curcuma has also been proven effective, by taking a pinch before mealtimes – ideally with a little pepper. Very important: always salivate it well before swallowing. One of the best supports for bile flow is also an enema with ¾ of ground coffee. It should always be carried out without pressure and be held in for approximately 12 to 15 minutes. In general, it is sufficient to carry out the enema once a week.


The kidneys can be supported and regenerated with the medicinal mushroom Cordyceps. In addition, kidney tea is very beneficial. It works best when drinking it during the period between 17.00 and 19.00 every quarter of an hour, when the kidneys are active. It may be weak but should be drunk very hot. If you often feel cold, with cold feet, cold hands or a cold tip of the nose, then you should support the kidneys additionally during this time by applying a warm cushion.

Reactions and counter-reactions

In particular in cases of skin reactions, such as blisters, therapists often assume a mushroom allergy. However, in fact there is no mushroom allergy. The reason for the occurrence of skin reactions is more the following: if at least two of our four elimination organs – which are the liver, the kidneys, the lymph system and the gastrointestinal tract – are not working adequately, the body resorts to the skin as an additional elimination organ.

If taking medicinal mushrooms leads to skin reactions, this is for sure not a mushroom allergy. Instead, these reactions show that at least two of our four elimination organs are not working as they should and need additional support to eliminate the toxins.

Medicinal mushrooms often work very quickly. We should therefore be aware that initially other unwanted reactions can occur. However, each reaction can be viewed positively, as it reveals our weaknesses. Do not therefore be discouraged by such reactions, as they show how quickly the mushrooms are intervening to solve the problem.


Always increase the dose of medicinal mushrooms gradually, so that the so-called initial reactions do not occur and always drink plenty with it. The mushroom capsules contain dried and powdered mushrooms.

You may have already softened dried mushrooms and therefore know how much water the mushrooms can absorb when swelling. The same procedure must also occur in our body. The more you drink, the better the mushrooms are absorbed and the better effects they will achieve. At least 100 ml of liquid – preferably still water or herbal tea – should always be drink per capsule. As one should not drink while eating, it is recommended to take the mushroom capsules either before or after meals.

No matter whether you have detoxification reactions or not, you will see: at the latest after three months, after taking three capsules a day you will feel an improvement or be able to verify it through your blood values. Please do therefore not give up straight away and note: medicinal mushrooms do not only ease symptoms but have a holistic and causal effect. Each illness has a cause and the causes cannot be eliminated overnight. The healing process therefore always takes a period of time.

Medicinal mushrooms help our body very effectively to restore its balance and regulation. They activate our self-healing powers so that it can help itself to achieve and maintain health.


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