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Cardiac arrhythmias - the power plant out of sync

08 January 2022
Dipl.-Biol. Dorothee Ogroske et al.

Cardiac arrhythmias can have various causes. These are, for example, an undersupply of oxygen to the heart muscle, elevated blood sugar or blood lipid levels, and stress. Vital mushrooms can be a useful therapy option for chronic complaints.

Coronary heart disease

In coronary artery disease, vasoconstriction occurs in the small arteries (coronary arteries) that supply blood and oxygen to the heart muscle. Physical exertion or excitement can cause pain in the heart area due to the reduced supply of oxygen. These radiate partially into the left arm.
If the oxygen supply to the heart muscle is interrupted for a long period of time, some of the heart muscle fibers die. As a result, a heart attack occurs.

Vital mushrooms for cardiac arrhythmias

Medicinal mushrooms, also known as vital mushrooms or medicinal mushrooms, can effectively counteract the various causes of cardiac arrhythmias – all naturally. Auricularia (Judas ear), for example, improves the fluidity of blood. This promotes the supply of oxygen to the heart muscle and also prevents the formation of blood clots.

The vital mushroom Reishi is particularly helpful in stress-related arrhythmias, because it not only improves the oxygen supply of the blood, but also protects the nerves.


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