Alternative medicine

Learning from experience what is good for us

Alternative medicine is rooted in the tradition of all world peoples. It is as diverse as its origins from a wide array of cultures. If alternative medical practices have something in common, then it is a strong connection with nature and a conscious and mindful handling of one’s own person. Factors that promote a healthy life – especially nutrition – always play a significant role. We can learn from these traditions for the present day: for example, sensitising our feeling for the needs of our own body and thus learning again what is truly good for us. Because a sustainable handling of resources – in this case our own body – can only happen with self-responsibility. Practicing periods of fasting, for example, was never questioned in the past. It undoubtedly contributed to avoiding certain illnesses such as the so frequently occurring prosperity syndrome.


A healthy diet is the key to wellbeing

The effects of lifestyle and dietary habits on health are unfortunately still too widely neglected. Certain strengths and weaknesses in the body are already determined at birth, but ultimately the constantly reforming tissue is made up of the substances that we regularly supply to the body. Healthy tissue can only be built up from a healthy diet. We should therefore consume as many fresh and natural foods as possible. Foods that are free of preservatives and additives. The portion size is also decisive: this should be adjusted according to individual needs and digestion rates.

It is only when the consumed food can also be processed by our body that healthy tissue results. Nowadays the quality of digestion is destroyed especially by stress. We often feel tired after eating or have digestive disturbances. A healthy diet and a balanced lifestyle are the basis of our health.

Holistic, individual and without unwanted side effects

Alternative medicine always considered the person as a whole and not just the disease: why is a person reacting with certain symptoms at a certain time? It is possible that a certain disease is treated with different therapies for different people, as the cause of the disease may vary. The aim of alternative medicine is therefore not only to reduce symptoms but to identify and treat the causes. If asthma, for example, is not treated causally, it can lead to skin complaints later because the cause of the illness seeks another form of expression.

Using natural substances does not generally lead to unwanted side effects, as is so often the case for conventionally used medicines. It is very helpful to use alternative healing methods for chronic diseases, where traditional medicine often reaches its limits.


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