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Benefit from the ancient knowledge and the latest research about medicinal mushrooms.

Mycotherapy – powerful healing

Mycotherapy  (fungal medicine) is one of the oldest and most effective procedures in naturopathy.

Mycotherapy originates from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In TCM, medicinal mushrooms like Reishi, Shiitake or Maitake have been used successfully for over 4.000 years in the treatment of numerous diseases and preventive healthcare. The big advantage is that they are completely natural, humans and even our pets can be treated holistically and the causes of diseases can be eliminated.

Numerous health benefits and a wide range of applications

Medicinal mushrooms are extremely rich in valuable vital substances such as trace elements, vitamins, minerals, enzymes or amino acids. In addition, they contain a large amount of nutritionally and pharmacologically important substances. They unfold their curative effects by the use of mushroom powder from the whole mushroom, since only here are all the valuable ingredients contained. 

Medicinal mushrooms stabilize the immune system, detoxify our body and have proven themselves in the treatment and supportive therapy of a variety of complaints and diseases including allergies, hypertension, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, obesity, heartburn, burnout, cancer, gastrointestinal disorders, rheumatism, migraine, tinnitus, respiratory diseases, liver and kidney diseases, skin diseases and many more. Mycotherapy has also proven very successful in the treatment of animals. 

MykoTroph – profound knowledge from one of Europe’s leading institutes for medicinal mushrooms

MykoTroph AG, Institute for Medicinal Mushrooms was founded in 2003 by Franz Schmaus, one of Europe’s most renowned experts for medicinal mushrooms. In addition to the research on medicinal mushrooms and the continuous advice on the health promoting effects of medicinal mushrooms, the training of practitioners as well as physicians is one of the most important concerns of MykoTroph.

Three strong pillars form our concentrated competence:

1. The experiences of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

2. The multitude of international scientific studies on the effects of medicinal mushrooms.

3. The results from our daily practice of thousands of successful treatments


Your Mycotherapy Online Training

Benefit from our well-structured online training in this highly effective naturopathic treatment. Your trainings will be intensive and cover all important aspects of Mycotherapy including the various possible applications and the effects of Asian medicinal mushrooms. You, as a therapist, will be extensively trained. You benefit from current research and many years of experience. After finishing the online training, you can immediately start with the treatment of your patients.

The training consists of 26 lessons, each with an extensive video tutorial and high quality documents for the easy, daily use in your practice. The documents contain all the basic information about Mycotherapy and precise application recommendations for the medicinal mushrooms. Especially useful are the healing charts. They contain a high number of symptoms and detailed recommendations for their treatment.

After the booking of the online training, you have six weeks to complete the test. When finished, you will receive a certificate.

All in all, over 6.000 therapists took up this exclusive offer. MykoTroph online trainings are an optimal complement to your skill sets.

Main Content:

  • Medicinal Mushrooms and their medicinal mechanisms according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Nutritional and pharmacological effects of medicinal mushrooms
  • The eleven medicinal mushrooms at a glance: Agaricus blazei murrill (ABM), Auricularia, Coprinus, Cordyceps, Coriolus, Hericium, Maitake, Pleurotus, Polyporus, Shiitake, Reishi
  • The use and effects of medicinal mushrooms against diseases: Diabetes Type I and II, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the locomotor system, cancer, allergies and many more.
  • How medicinal mushrooms can help to regulate the immune system.
  • How medicinal mushrooms can help the detoxification.
  • How to use our medicinal mushroom healing chart.
  • How to use it in your daily practice work


Dr. rer. med. Dorothee Boes, alternative practitioner, biologist.

We offer this training exclusivly for therapists. Please be so kind to send us a propriate certificate of your profession.


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Learn the fascinating science of Mycotherapy from first-hand knowledge and benefit from the comprehensive expertise of MykoTroph – one of Europe’s leading institutes for Mycotherapy.

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