The new MykoTroph cancer concept

Optimal cancer therapy stands on numerous pillars. In our new cancer concept we present the possibilities of complementary therapy.

Every year, about 400,000 people in Germany are newly diagnosed with cancer. The diagnosis comes as a shock to many, and for good reason. Depending on the stage, the chances of successful treatment look quite different. Conventional medical therapies are often associated with severe side effects.

The good news is that natural medicine has a gentle yet very effective means to help the body treat cancer: The vital mushrooms.

In a completely natural way, Vitalpize could very effectively support the treatment of cancer. For this purpose, our experts have created the new MykoTroph cancer concept based on the latest research and findings. It shows how a healthy lifestyle in combination with vital mushrooms can contribute to a successful therapy and increased quality of life. The concept involves numerous important components, including nutrition, sports and exercise, the psyche and, of course, the vital mushrooms.

The role of nutrition in cancer has been the subject of much research and study. It has been proven that highly processed or sugary foods and processed meat products promote the development of cancer. The most current nutritional evidence shows that a predominantly plant-based, all-natural diet can make a valuable contribution to both prevention and support of cancer therapy.

We at the MykoTroph Institute – like the American Institute for Cancer Research, by the way – therefore clearly advocate a predominantly plant-based whole food diet. In our cancer concept, we go into detail about the possibilities of an individually suitable diet: from cultivation to the form of preparation, which carbohydrates and which animal products are recommended, what it is about oils and fats and much more.

Sports and exercise are also considered highly recommended in cancer therapy. Researchers are now certain that sport and exercise are as important as a drug in cancer. Studies have shown that physical activity has a direct preventive effect on the development of cancer. Sport favors the healing process and increases the likelihood of a lasting recovery. The intensity and type of exercise should, of course, be tailored to each patient’s individual capabilities.

The vital mushrooms are an important pillar of complementary medicine. They can contribute to health through multiple mechanisms and ingredients.

They are rich in valuable ingredients such as polysaccharides and antioxidants. These have the potential to naturally counteract cancer, strengthen the immune system and alleviate side effects. In practice, medicinal mushrooms such as cordyceps, polyporus, reishi and other vital mushrooms are used both for prevention and during cancer therapy. They can support conventional medical measures, reduce their side effects and thus noticeably increase the personal quality of life in cancer patients.

Which vital mushroom or combination is right for you? How can you optimally adapt nutrition and exercise to your needs? Find answers to these and other questions about cancer on our expert page. There you will also find the new “MykoTroph Cancer Concept”.

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