The immune system - The protective police of our body

Stabilize our defenses holistically and completely naturally with vital mushroom powder from the whole mushroom.

With our immune system, our body has a highly intelligent and powerful protective police force. Medicinal mushrooms can strengthen and stabilize our defenses in a completely natural way. Both as a precautionary measure and as a support for a wide range of medical conditions.

A strong immune system is of particular importance for our health. Every day it fends off a multitude of free radicals, viruses, bacteria, parasites and other pathogens. While our immune system is usually working around the clock, we usually do not even notice this and remain healthy. If we do get sick, our immune system helps us get better quickly.

In addition to defending against pathogens, a strong immune system also plays a crucial role in the prevention and treatment of tumors and cancers. It recognizes degenerate cells and can render them harmless. Our immune system is weakened by environmental toxins, pollutants in food, cosmetics or detergents and cleaning agents, an unbalanced diet low in vital substances and too little exercise in the fresh air. But stress, emotional conflicts, worries and overwork, as well as numerous medications, also take their toll on our immune system.

This leads to an immune response that is too weak. We feel listless and exhausted, often have a cold, suffer from recurring infections or even get a serious illness. Misregulation can also occur, whereby the immune system reacts unnaturally strongly to substances that are actually harmless, such as certain foods, pollen, house dust or animal hair. This triggers intolerances or allergies.

Misregulation of the immune system also occurs in the context of autoimmune diseases, such as type I diabetes. In this case, the body’s own cells and substances are mistakenly classified as dangerous foreign bodies and fought against accordingly. Medicinal mushroom powder from the whole mushroom can naturally strengthen and stabilize our defenses. It can be used both as a precautionary measure and as a support for a wide variety of medical conditions.

Vital mushrooms are generally characterized by a high content of valuable minerals, vitamins, trace elements, essential amino acids, enzymes and fiber. This makes them powerful helpers of our immune system. In addition, they contain a number of other specific active ingredients that have a particularly stabilizing effect on our defenses.

In addition, medicinal mushrooms have an adaptogenic, that is, balancing and regulating effect. If our immune system works rather slowly and sluggishly it is stimulated by vital mushroom powder from the whole mushroom. The immune system can now better recognize and fight pathogens and degenerated cells again. In contrast, when the immune system overreacts, it is downregulated. Thus, vital mushroom powder can also be used effectively in allergies and autoimmune diseases.

The positive effect of vital mushrooms, in addition to experience from naturopathy, especially traditional Chinese medicine, has been proven in a variety of scientific studies.

Each medicinal mushroom has a very specific composition of valuable ingredients for our immune system. Therefore, depending on whether we want to use them preventively or for specific disease patterns, very specific single mushrooms or mixtures of mushrooms are recommended. For this reason, it is advisable to seek professional advice before using the vital mushrooms. Under +49 40 334686-370 we offer you free of charge very empathetic help on the subject of vital mushrooms and their application.

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