Natural body detoxification and purging supported by vitality mushrooms

The human body is constantly exposed to pollution and stress. A natural detox programme making
use of vitality mushrooms can sustainably improve our physical performance.

As a result of the contemporary lifestyle, we all permanently ingest and absorb harmful substances through our food, the environment, or the consumption of stimulants, drugs or certain cosmetics. In addition thereto, the body itself produces so-called waste products as a result of metabolic processes. It has to permanently detoxify itself from all these substances. In the long run, this leads our excretory organs – the liver, kidney, intestines and the lymphatic system – to the limits of their performance capacities. Increasing stress and pollution affect our organism; aging processes are promoted.

A detoxification and purging programme aims at releasing the body from deposited waste material, acids and toxins. In naturopathy, the term “detoxification” has already been used for a long time. In the first place, it serves to prevent sickness. Moreover, detoxification can relieve the organs, improve the physical functions, and counteract aging.

Healing mushrooms, also known as vitality or medicinal mushrooms can support detoxification processes in many ways and are thus perfect additions to a detox-programme. First of all, they enable to different form of excretion by activating the excretory organs. As a consequence, the harmful substances can be easily excreted by the kidneys or, as constituent of the bile, by the intestines.

Moreover, vitality mushrooms are rich in enzymes. These enzymes significantly promote the biochemical cell detoxification in the course of which toxins and waste material are chemically modified to help the body excreting them. Their anti-oxidative properties additionally help to reduce the increasing oxidative stress we experience as part of the detoxification process. Since higher temperatures can easily decompose enzymes, it is important to consume mushrooms that have been processed with care.

Vitality mushrooms also contain numerous minerals and trace elements, all essential amino acids, vitamins, and dietary fibres. These substances support detoxification processes and help improving our vitality significantly. To detoxify the body thoroughly, combining various mushrooms with each other has proven to be a good approach.

The Reishi mushroom supports the functions of the liver, which is one of our most important detox organs. It promotes the excretion of fat-soluble toxins and has blood-purifying properties. Moreover, it lowers the cholesterol level and can help to counteract fatigue. It supports the autonomic nervous system, which results in a balanced sleep-wake-cycle that promotes good organ regeneration.

A number of other vitality mushrooms such as Cordyceps, Polyporus, or Hericium activate other excretory organs like the kidneys, the lymphatic system, or the intestinal tract. This enables our organism to decompose these harmful pollutants very effectively.

Mushrooms have detoxifying functions everywhere: in nature as well as in the human body. That’s why it is essential to decide for a trustworthy vendor when buying them – the mushrooms are supposed to help detoxifying the body instead of introducing harmful substances to it. For this reason it is advisable to avoid buying Chinese products. Moreover it is important to use so-called “mushroom powder made from whole mushrooms” instead of an extract. In practical use, the powder has proven to be more effective.

So, there is a simple but basic rule to be observed when you buy mushroom powder: do not buy mushroom powder from China and do not buy any mushroom powder extracts. Instead you should decide for “mushroom powder made from whole mushrooms”, derived from mushrooms that have been cultivated in Germany. In this regard it makes sense to take the time for a close look. Even though many vendors advertise their goods as being “made in Germany” they fill their capsules with Chinese products. Therefore: make sure you buy mushrooms that have been cultivated in Germany!

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