Detoxify and purify the body naturally with the support of vital mushrooms

The human body is subject to constant stress. A natural detox cure with vital mushrooms can improve the body’s performance in the long term.

As a result of our modern lifestyle, we constantly ingest substances that are harmful to our health through food, the environment and the consumption of stimulants, medicines and also certain cosmetics. In addition, our body itself produces so-called slags as part of the metabolism. All these substances he must constantly detoxify. In the long run, our excretory organs – the liver, kidneys, intestines and lymphatic system – reach the limits of their capacity. The increasing stress affects our organism, aging processes are favored.

Medicinal mushrooms, also called vital mushrooms or medicinal mushrooms, can support detoxification processes in many ways and are therefore the ideal companions of a detox cure. First, they open the various excretory pathways by activating the excretory organs. The burdening substances can then be excreted very well via the kidneys and with the bile via the intestines.

Vital mushrooms are also characterized by a high enzyme content. These enzymes significantly support biochemical cell detoxification, in which harmful and waste substances are chemically altered so that they can be better excreted. Their antioxidant effect additionally helps to reduce the oxidative stress load that is increased during detoxification. Here it is important to pay attention to gently processed mushrooms, as enzymes can easily be destroyed under higher temperatures.

In addition, vital mushrooms contain many minerals and trace elements, all essential amino acids, vitamins and fiber. These ingredients support the detoxification process and contribute to a significant improvement in our vitality. For an “all-round detoxification” of our body, a combination of different mushrooms has proven to be effective.

Reishi mushroom can support the liver, one of our most important detoxification organs, in its work. It promotes the elimination of fat-soluble toxins and has a blood purifying effect. In addition, it lowers cholesterol and can drive away fatigue. It supports our autonomic nervous system, harmonizing the day-night rhythm, which promotes good organ regeneration.

A number of other vital mushrooms, such as cordyceps, polyporus or hericium, activate additional excretory organs such as the kidney, lymphatic system and digestive tract. This allows our organism to very effectively break down the pollutant depots.

Mushrooms detoxify everywhere: in nature and in the body. That is why it is especially important when buying a trustworthy

Manufacturer to choose. After all, the mushrooms are supposed to promote detoxification and not to bring even more harmful substances into the organism. For this reason, we recommend buying products from controlled organic cultivation.

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