Popular disease pollen allergy

Watery and itchy eyes, a runny nose and sneezing attacks: With the beginning of the pollination, the annual hay fever season starts. This marks the beginning of a suffering period for more and more people. In the UK alone, about 10 million people suffer from pollen allergies. Hay fever is the most frequent form of allergies and causes severe complaints. The complaints are often so heavy that sufferers experience a massive decrease in their quality of life. The good news is: The treatment of allergies with medicinal mushrooms is a natural and – as experienced in naturopathy – effective therapy.

The cause is a faulty regulation of the immune system

As with all other allergies, the cause of pollen allergies is a overreacting immune system. Our body’s defense reacts to completely harmless substances and fights them as if they were dangerous pathogens. When it comes to pollen allergies, it is all about the pollen or more specifically the contained proteins.

Multiple and serious symptoms

If the conjunctiva or respiratory mucous membranes of the affected persons come into contact with the pollen, then a cascade of allergic reactions starts. Connected with it, is a heavy release of histamine. If mucous membranes of the eyes and the respiratory membranes come into contact with pollen, the immune system literally reacts allergic through an increased release of histamine. Watery eyes, itchy throat and nose, swollen mucous membranes, a congested or a runny nose or even bronchial asthma are the consequences. Also, headache, sensitivity to light, exhaustion and insomnia can occur.

Advantages of causal therapy

What can be done? It is often advised to avoid pollen. But it is nearly impossible to completely dodge pollen. Conventional therapies and medications often only aim at the symptoms. Alternatives are holistic therapies which aim at the causes of allergies. For example, medicinal mushrooms are an alternative. Medicinal mushroom powder capsules obtained from the whole mushroom have proven effective to ease the symptoms. Moreover, observational studies of the MykoTroph Institute for Medicinal Mushrooms have shown that medicinal mushrooms can counteract the recurrence of pollen allergies in the medium-term.

Medicinal Mushrooms help the immune system to stay in balance

Medicinal mushrooms belong to the oldest and most effective natural remedies in the world. They have been successfully used for centuries in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) against many complaints and diseases. They have particularly proven effective against allergies. Medicinal mushrooms can rebalance the excessive immune system.

Important basic mushroom

When it comes to the treatment of pollen allergy or other allergies, medicinal mushroom Reishi is very important. Reishi regulates the immune system, has anti-inflammatory properties, improves the oxygen supply and reduces the histamine release – which is responsible for many allergy symptoms – through its cortisone-like acting triterpenes. This is a great relief for pollen allergy sufferers because histamine is responsible for many allergic symptoms.

More significant medically active mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms Hericium and Pleurotus have also proven to be effective. They contribute to the stabilization of the intestinal mucosa and support the structure of the mucous membranes. This is especially important for pollen allergy sufferers because a healthy intestinal mucosa is a decisive factor for a balanced and powerful immune system. Hericium can also have regenerative effects on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

If the pollen allergy goes hand in hand with exhaustion and depression, medicinal mushroom Cordyceps proves helpful due to its soothing and mood- improving effects. Furthermore, Cordyceps is considered as lung-strengthening tonic which makes it very helpful against allergic asthma. Medicinal mushroom Polyporus is helpful against allergic rhinitis and excessive fluids or mucus.


Medicinal mushrooms are available as mushroom powder capsules. MykoTroph Institute advises to take great care in the selection. The so-called  “mushroom powder made from the whole mushroom” has proven its effectiveness. Only here are all the active ingredients of the healing and vital mushrooms contained. Another quality feature is the cultivation of mushrooms in Germany in organic quality. Please consult your therapist. Further information on Mycotherapy can be found on www.mykotroph.com or via +49 6047 37915-70

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