The MykoTroph philosophy and mission

Helping as vocation

We at MykoTroph want to support humans and animals to become healthy and stay healthy. To achieve this goal, we are continuing a more than 4000 year old tradition – healing with fungi. It is our mission to help people and animals feel at ease in their bodies: to experience a vigorous life full of energy and zest for life!

Knowledge for the world

Direct contact with people is very important to us: locally in lectures and seminars and by phone and e-mail. We are convinced of the beneficial effect of medicinal mushrooms. We would like to contribute to the world our extensive knowledge, our research results and experiences. We want to show as many people as possible how one can regain and maintain health with medicinal mushrooms. To this end, we offer our consolidated knowledge in conferences, webinars and a variety of free information materials.

Serving life

In mycotherapy we see and treat people and animals in their wholeness of body, mind and soul.

MykoTroph wants to serve humans and animals – to serve life. Our passion burns for this mission.