Oral health - what contribution can mushrooms make?

March 20 is World Oral Health Day. Good oral health ensures a beautiful smile and is also an important basis in the treatment of chronic diseases such as rheumatism or cardiovascular diseases. Indeed, inflammation and infection in the jaw can affect the entire body and keep chronic diseases going.

In the prevention of caries, a healthy, wholesome diet without sugar is of course an important aspect. In addition, the diet should be as plant-based as possible, i.e. alkaline and thus anti-inflammatory and promote blood circulation. Poor circulation – as we find with smoking, arteriosclerosis and diabetes – promotes periodontitis and tooth loss.

Therefore, of course, these causes should also be addressed. Vital mushrooms that can support against atherosclerosis are Auricularia, Reishi and Shiitake. For diabetics, Coprinus comatus is primarily recommended. Diabetics also have an increased risk of tooth decay due to elevated sugar levels in the blood and saliva. A whole food plant-based diet complementing the medicinal mushroom aims to reduce diabetes (book on this by Neal Barnard in our store) and also provides a higher mineral content in our saliva.

There are also direct studies on mushrooms such as Auricularia and Shiitake, which show a beneficial effect against caries pathogens, plaque and inflammation in the mouth. Often underestimated is the increase in oral HPV infections, which can result in cancer. Promising research is also underway regarding the mushrooms Coriolus and Reishi.

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