Now together against diabetes and celebrate Christmas carefree!

On 14.11. the annual World Diabetes Day took place. This day is an occasion for many people to take a closer look at their disease. The diagnosis does not have to be a final fate. Thanks to natural medicine, there is a possibility of natural balance of blood sugar and thus a more pleasant, easier life.

Diabetes often goes unnoticed for a long time. The possible consequences, such as dialysis, amputations or blindness, are dramatic, as is the increased risk of cancer or dementia. It is therefore essential to look out for early warning signs such as increasing abdominal girth (for women it becomes dangerous from around 88 cm and for men from 102 cm) or increased triglyceride levels in the blood.

This applies to type 2 diabetes, which can be easily controlled and whose cause – insulin resistance – can still be treated at almost any stage. The late autoimmune diabetes “LADA” can also affect slim people, but can also often still be positively influenced.

For type 2 diabetes, the vital mushrooms Coprinus and Maitake are recommended in addition to a low-fat, whole food diet rich in vital substances and plants. If circulatory disorders already exist, they can be supplemented with the medicinal mushrooms Auricularia and Reishi. Slim diabetics, on the other hand, often need rather the vital mushrooms ABM (Agaricus blazei murrill), Cordyceps and Coprinus.

Since each person is individual with their diabetes and history, a consultation is always recommended. The MykoTroph team has decades of experience in this and will be happy to support you free of charge at +49 40 334686-300

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