Prevent colds, flu & other illnesses now!

With vital mushrooms you can get ahead of the annoying companions of the cold season …

Dirty weather with rain and uncomfortable temperatures, along with predominantly spending time indoors – these are the best conditions for the spread of flu infections.

The typical symptoms such as sneezing, colds and coughs occur particularly frequently in the period from October to March. If these are then accompanied by headaches, fatigue or fever, the common cold becomes a real killer of energy and joie de vivre. Serious illnesses such as bronchitis, pneumonia or flu keep the body on its toes for several weeks and can even be dangerous for those at risk. Unfortunately, this is why many people look forward to the dark season with uneasy feelings.

With vital mushrooms you can take the fright out of the cold season!

Vital mushrooms are characterised by a high content of valuable minerals, vitamins, trace elements, essential amino acids, enzymes and fibre. This makes them powerful helpers for our immune system. In addition, they contain a number of other specific active substances that have a particularly stabilising effect on our defences.

Coriolus versicolor – the vital mushroom against colds and viruses

The vital mushroom that supports our immune system most effectively in the fight against the pathogens of colds and flu is Coriolus versicolor. Its effect is mainly due to the two glycoproteins PSK (Krestin) and PSP. With them, Coriolus strengthens the cellular defence. But it also activates the production of antibodies for more protection against omnipresent pathogens. This medicinal mushroom has therefore proved very effective both for prevention and for faster recovery from colds, respiratory diseases and flu. Due to its antiviral and antibacterial powers, it supports the immune system in a completely natural way

Optimal supplement for improved defence function

Especially during the cold season, our immune system is grateful for further support in addition to vital mushrooms. With an excess of free radicals, our body is more susceptible to diseases of all kinds. Our most important allies in the fight against free radicals are antioxidants. Among them especially the oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC). They are mainly found in grape seeds and are among the most effective antioxidants of all.  By the way, when OPC is combined with natural vitamin C, the positive effects of both are mutually enhanced.

Vitamin D fulfils many important tasks in our organism. It is also of enormous importance for a well-functioning immune system. Actually, we can produce our own vitamin D requirements in the skin with the help of the sun. However, this is only possible in the summer months. In autumn and winter, the power of the sun’s natural rays is no longer sufficient in our latitudes. Therefore, many people have a deficiency of the so-called “sun vitamin” during the darker months of the year. Many even need an additional vitamin D supply all year round because they spend a lot of time indoors, or because older people produce it less easily due to their thinner and drier skin.  A vitamin D deficiency can be detected by a blood test.

If you then remember to exercise in the fresh air, eat a balanced diet rich in vital substances and get enough sleep, you can face the cold season with peace of mind!


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