New findings on vitamin D

Optimal effect of vitamin D only in combination with vitamin K2

An adequate supply of vitamin D is of enormous importance for our vitality and our health. It also plays a significant role in the maintenance of healthy bones. In our latitudes, many people are affected by vitamin D deficiency. Supplementation as needed via a dietary supplement is therefore important.

New findings have now shown: For an optimal effect, it is eminently important to always combine the intake of vitamin D with the simultaneous intake of vitamin K2. Preparations with both vitamins in the right, coordinated composition are best suited. Therefore, pay attention to the following criteria:

– Vitamin D3 and K2 in a coordinated mixture
– from pure vegetable sources
– in combination with the vital mushroom Agaricus bisporus

This mixture has proven to be particularly valuable according to application observations.

Calcium is essential for stable, strong bones – and teeth, for that matter. In order for it to get there, the organism absolutely needs a sufficient amount of vitamin D as well as vitamin K2. Both together do this “job” namely synergetic in the team. On the one hand, vitamin D promotes good absorption of calcium from the intestine. If we have too little vitamin D, a large part of the mineral is simply excreted unused.

Vitamin K2, in turn, has the task, among other things, of controlling the incorporation of calcium into bones and teeth. At the same time, this valuable vitamin prevents the calcium from being stored in places where it is not wanted. For example, in the arteries or other soft tissues. Vitamin K2 can thus also counteract the formation of arteriosclerotic vascular changes, among other things.

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