Natural doping with cordyceps

In the field of sports and fitness, performance enhancement agents play an enormous role. Unfortunately, chemical substances are mostly used here – with high risks to health and serious side effects. The vital mushroom Cordyceps offers the possibility to increase physical strength, fitness and endurance in a completely natural way. As a positive side effect, it also has a libido and potency enhancing effect.

Professional and recreational athletes like to take countless nutritional supplements for a particularly optimized diet. Always connected with the hope to be better or faster than others. Often little consideration is given to health aspects. For the success is predatory exploitation of their own bodies. But there is another, a natural way to increase the performance of the body. Here, the vital mushrooms originating from TCM play an increasingly important role.

Vital mushrooms such as Reishi, Pleurotus and Shiitake are increasingly used for health promotion by doctors and alternative practitioners. Their effect is now supported by numerous scientific studies. One of these mushrooms has particularly outstanding properties. Its name: Cordyceps sinensis. In German it is called “Raupenpilz”. Its original growing area is the highlands of Tibet.

Cordyceps offers numerous positive effects for athletes. It gives strength, endurance and willpower. The vital mushroom develops a beneficial effect on the heart and respiratory organs. This leads to an increase in athletic performance. The body can use its energy better. After sports, it additionally ensures faster regeneration. Due to its antidepressant effect, it also promotes mental strength. This helps a lot in compensating for the often enormous pressure of competition.

Cordyceps also strengthens the immune system, especially the activity of white blood cells, macrophages, as well as natural killer cells. It also has an antibiotic effect. Almost incidentally, cordyceps develops a specific action on the urogenital system. It increases the production of sex hormones. This leads to increased libido and potency. In addition, its administration has proven effective in kidney, bladder and prostate problems.

Since every athlete has different requirements, it is recommended to seek professional advice before using cordyceps and other vital mushrooms. For this purpose, we offer athletes free advice on the subject of vital mushrooms and their application at +49 40 334686-300. This way the body can stay healthy and sports can be more and more fun.

Image copyright: Daniel Winkler

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