Menopause: Relaxed through "hot times

From about the mid-40s, it starts. The production of female sex hormones declines, heralding the menopause (climacteric). The woman’s body now begins to change from the fertile to the infertile phase. In the past, this time was usually associated with the fear of serious discomfort, as well as the fear of loss of attractiveness and vitality.

Today, on the other hand, more and more women are going through this phase of life in a relaxed manner. For good reason! Finally, typical menopausal symptoms can be significantly alleviated or even completely prevented with natural remedies such as medicinal and vital mushrooms. In addition, the climacteric – which, by the way, translates as “transition to something more important” – always offers the opportunity for reorientation.

The onset and duration of menopause vary from woman to woman. On average, they last about ten years and usually span the period between the ages of 45 and 60.

While the hormone balance is changing, various complaints can occur, which vary greatly from woman to woman. Among the most common are hot flashes and sweating. Furthermore, sleep disturbances, joint pain, nervous tension, inner restlessness, mood swings and depressive moods can make life difficult for the women affected. Dry mucous membranes and therefore problems during sex can also affect the quality of life during this time of change. According to studies, about two-thirds of all women in the West suffer from moderate to severe menopausal symptoms. Only one-third do not feel affected.

For mild to moderate menopausal symptoms, certain medicinal mushrooms – also called vital mushrooms or medicinal mushrooms – have proven very effective therapeutically. This is shown by the experience of naturopathy. Likewise the application observations of many years of the MykoTroph Institut for nourishing and mushroom medicine with seat in Limeshain.

Cordyceps, for example, has a relaxing, calming and mood-lifting effect. It is therefore suitable for depressive moods, inner restlessness or nervous over-excitement. In addition, it is important for the regulation of hormonal balance. Among other things, this helps to strengthen sexual energy, which is often lowered during menopause.

The vital mushroom Reishi is said to have a vitalizing, strengthening and performance-enhancing effect. In addition, its administration has proven to regulate the vegetative system, effectively reducing the dreaded hot flashes. Many women are also affected by severe sleep disorders during the menopause. Reishi is often used in combination with the nerve-strengthening mushroom Hericium and Ashwagandha, which is also known as “sleeping berry” and “Indian ginseng”.

Moreover, the Auricularia is important. It helps to moisten the mucous membranes – especially in the vaginal area – and can relieve sweating. Also interesting are the vital mushrooms Maitakeand Polyporus. Maitake improves fat digestion and thus helps against unwanted weight gain. Polyporus is believed to have a beneficial effect on hormonal water retention and skin conditions such as acne.

Important Notice:

Medicinal or vital mushrooms are available as powder in capsules.MykoTroph Institute advises great care in the selection and purchase of mushroom powder. Especially proven so-called “mushroom powder from the whole mushroom. This contains all the effective ingredients of the medicinal or vital mushrooms. Mushroom powder should always be used in capsules, as it can mold very quickly – and often not visibly – when packed loose. Another quality feature is the cultivation and processing of mushrooms in Germany and BIO certified quality. Further information on fungal medicine is available here on the website and by calling +49 40 334686-300.

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