Menopause - A time of upheaval

During menopause, the female body gradually reduces the production of sex hormones. This stage of life is usually accompanied by physical and mental discomfort. Taking medicinal mushrooms can help a woman regain her balance during this phase of life. Typical complaints can be mitigated or even completely avoided with the help of vital mushrooms.

The climacteric is colloquially known as menopause. In a woman’s life, menopause means a time of upheaval and always also the chance of a new beginning. During menopause, the female body adjusts from the fearful to the infertile phase of life. The duration of menopause varies from woman to woman. As a rule, the climacteric extends over a period of about ten years and is usually between the ages of 45 and 60.

During menopause, the ovaries gradually stop producing hormones. The level of sex hormones is reduced by about 90% compared to the fertile phase. Initially, less progesterone is produced. Subsequently, estrogen production is reduced. During this time of transition, various and individually quite different complaints can occur.

While some menopausal women have hardly any symptoms, about half suffer from moderate to severe symptoms. The most common complaints on a physical level include hot flashes and sweating. Other symptoms that occasionally occur during menopause include mood swings, water retention and joint pain.

Menopause can also put a strain on a woman’s life on a psychological level. Menstruation is usually perceived, consciously or unconsciously, as an integral part of womanhood. The absence of menstruation as a result of the menopause therefore means more than the mere loss of fertility.

Often these various complaints are attributed only to the drop in estrogen. However, a good balance of the various sex hormones is particularly important for a woman’s well-being. This means that it is not absolute values but ratio values that are decisive for well-being. In naturopathy there are good possibilities to accompany the natural change of the woman and to positively support the adaptation to the changed hormonal situation.

Vital mushrooms have an adaptogenic effect, which means that they have both a balancing and regulating effect. Thus, vital mushrooms can help the body, mind and spirit of women during menopause back to a balanced equilibrium and alleviate discomfort. In the case of mild and moderate menopausal symptoms, it is often even possible to achieve freedom from symptoms and discomfort.

There are a number of different medicinal mushrooms with different applications. Reishi, which is also called the “mushroom of eternal life” in Asian medicine, helps with vegetative dysregulation such as hot flashes, inner restlessness and insomnia. Polyporus can help with water retention. It acts as a natural dehydrating agent. However, unlike other dehydrating agents, its intake does not lead to the excretion of the valuable mineral potassium.

Since in every woman the symptoms are weighted somewhat differently, it is recommended to seek professional advice before using the vital mushrooms. Under +49 40 334686-300 we advise you very empathetically on the subject of vital mushrooms and their application.

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