Medicinally effective mushrooms for horses

Medicinal mushrooms – also known as vital mushrooms, medicinal mushrooms or medicinal fungi – are becoming increasingly popular in veterinary medicine. Unlike in humans, very few scientific studies are available for use in animals. In recent years, however, it has been possible to compile numerous, meaningful application observations.

The application in horses and other animals differs from the application in humans. Horses, for example, require a significantly lower dosage in relation to their body weight than humans. They also respond exceptionally well to medicinal mushrooms.

The vital mushrooms are able to activate chronic diseases, for this reason, the administration should always be started slowly-slowly. Initial reactions appear very quickly, usually as early as four days after the start of therapy or after increasing the dosage. Ideally, the horse owner will seek advice from a veterinarian or veterinary practitioner regarding the selection of mushrooms, as well as their dosage and expected initial reactions.

In veterinary medicine, it has proven effective to use two or even more vital mushrooms at the same time. Thus, the mushrooms Maitake and Coprinus together, because of their good effect on glucose metabolism, have an excellent effect in horses suffering from metabolic syndrome.

Animals with digestive disorders benefit from a combination of the vital mushrooms Coprinus and Hericium. Coprinus shows an excellent effect on the exocrine part of the pancreas, this part is responsible for the production of digestive enzymes. The mushroom Hericium has an anti-inflammatory and restorative effect on the mucous membranes of the digestive tract.

The vital mushroom Reishi, with its valuable triterpenes, is characterized by its excellent anti-inflammatory effect. The triterpenes of the Reishi are predominantly found in the fruiting body and spores of the mushroom and, in addition to their anti-inflammatory effect, also have a histamine-inhibiting effect. Thus, this fungus can be used not only for all inflammations, but also for allergic diseases, such as allergic asthma. Its administration also proves effective in other respiratory problems (such as COPD), especially in combination with the medicinal mushroom Cordyceps.

Cordyceps not only has an extraordinarily good effect on the lungs, it also increases kidney energy and life energy. This invigorating effect makes it a valuable mushroom, especially for chronically ill but also for old animals. It also has a regulating effect on the hormonal system and is useful for horses with Cushing’s syndrome. Cordyceps falls under the doping law in horses and for this reason should be discontinued five days before an athletic event.

To protect the valuable ingredients of the vital mushrooms against oxidation, the mushroom powder is usually packed in cellulose capsules. This also increases the shelf life and facilitates dosing. For an individual recommendation, please use our free telephone consultation: +49 40 334686-300.

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