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Each animal is unique!

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Medicinal mushroom for animals

Medicinal mushrooms can be used in many ways to treat symptoms and diseases in animals. Find out more about their effects and possible applications here.
Getrockneter Agaricus blazei murill auf weißem Teller

Agaricus blazei murrill (ABM)

Almond mushroom – Japanese: Himematsutake >

There are many suppliers of mushroom powders

You will find trustworthy suppliers with controlled organic cultivation in Germany, but unfortunately also less recommendable importers of cheap goods. Read what is important when buying.

The 14 most important medicinal mushrooms

The most important information on medicinal mushrooms

Fungal medicine, also called mycotherapy, can draw on centuries of experience and has prevailed up to the present day. It has practically no side effects and can be excellently combined with other forms of therapy. Medicinal mushrooms eliminate the cause of a disease and do not simply suppress symptoms or make them disappear. They regulate the body’s own defences and support the body in fighting pathogens and diseases.

Mycotherapy thus brings body, mind and soul into harmony in a holistic way and restores the natural balance. A disease does not come overnight and likewise it cannot disappear overnight. Holistic therapies that, like mycotherapy, start at the root cause take a longer time to restore health. Fungal medicine is also becoming increasingly important in the field of veterinary medicine.

The organism of humans and animals hardly differs from each other and so the healing results of mycotherapy on humans also benefit our animals. Nowadays, our animals have become very important to us humans; they are family members, companions and comforters of the soul. They take part in our joy and happiness, but they also carry our problems, our emotional conflicts and our illnesses, and they also fall ill from these. Like us, our animals also have a right to maintain and restore their health and to their associated happiness in life. Medicinal mushrooms – also called vital mushrooms or medically effective mushrooms – can make a very decisive contribution to this.

The following descriptions provide an initial overview of the individual medicinal mushrooms used for animals.

Junge Frau telefoniert zufrieden lächelnd mit Blick aus dem Fenster

Each animal is unique!

Our experienced team of mycotherapists will be happy to advise you in detail and free of charge in all questions about the health of your animal:


Agaricus bisporus (Mushroom)

quadratisches Bild mit Champignon Pilzen auf Nährboden wachsendAgaricus bisporus is better known as the mushroom. It is an important medicinal mushroom, especially in the treatment of hormone-dependent tumours. It is also very suitable for the treatment of prostate enlargement. In addition to its antiviral and tumour-inhibiting powers, Agaricus bisporus has a very good antibacterial effect. Furthermore, it promotes the colonisation of the intestinal mucosa with probiotic bacteria. Agaricus bisporus also has a protective effect on the kidneys and can stabilise creatinine levels.

ABM – Agaricus blazei murrill (Almond mushroom)

quadratisches Bild mit getrockneten ABM Pilzen auf weißem TellerAgaricus blazei murrill (ABM) regulates the entire immune system, especially in cancer and autoimmune diseases. This is due to the fact that ABM contains the highest concentration of the most effective immune system modulators. In addition, autoimmune diseases of the thyroid or pancreas can be favourably influenced.

Auricularia polytricha (Judas ear)

quadratisches Bild mit Auricularia Pilzen in der Natur wachsendAuricularia improves the flow properties of the blood. It is able to prevent the formation of blood clots and promote blood circulation. Due to its strong positive effect on the flow properties of the blood, it prevents bleeding anal abscesses and uterine bleeding. Auricularia has mucous membrane-strengthening properties because it has a moisturising effect. It is therefore helpful for constipation, dry cough, cystitis and ear, nose and throat disorders.

Chaga – Inonotus Obliquus

quadratisches Bild mit Chaga Pilzen in der Natur wachsendThe vital mushroom Chaga has an anti-cancer effect, especially on skin cancer. In Russian folk medicine, Chaga has long been used for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the stomach and intestinal tract. It is also used to treat ulcers and cancers of the digestive tract. In the case of worm infestation of an animal, good results can be achieved with a water extract from the Chaga.

Coprinus comatus (Crested pintling)

quadratisches Bild mit Copinus Pilzen in der Natur wachsendCoprinus increases the sensitisation of the receptors for insulin uptake. Furthermore, it has a protective effect on the pancreas. Its blood sugar-lowering effect is used in diabetes. In Far Eastern folk medicine, coprinus is recommended to promote digestion.

Cordyceps sinensis (Caterpillar fungus)

quadratisches Bild mit vielen getrockneten Cordyceps PilzenCordyceps has a strengthening effect on the sexual organs and on the neurological system involved in reproduction and the sex drive. This means that the mushroom can be used for all problems in the area of the sexual organs. Kidney function can be positively influenced by this mushroom. It has a regulating effect on the adrenal glands and their hormone secretion. From a Chinese point of view, the kidney houses not only the physical but also the psychic energy. Therefore, Cordyceps can be used very well for anxious and stressed animals. It also has a positive effect on tiredness and weakness, especially after illness.

Coriolus versicolor (Butterfly bunting)

quadratisches Bild mit Coriolus Pilzen in der Natur wachsendThis medicinal mushroom has very strong antiviral powers. Inflammations of the mucous membrane of the mouth can be treated with the help of Coriolus. Coriolus has a tumour-inhibiting and immune system-regulating effect. Its glycoproteins PSK and PSP support the body’s defence against cancer in various hormone-dependent cancers, in the liver, stomach, udder, throat and nose, as well as in leukaemia.

Hericium erinaceus (Hedgehog spiny beard)

quadratisches Bild mit einem Hericium Pilz in der Natur wachsendIn an impressive way, the mushroom has a calming effect on the stomach mucous membranes and builds them up. It has a calming effect on the gastrointestinal tract and regulates digestion, especially after taking antibiotics. Hericium regulates the immune system in allergies, autoimmune diseases and immunodeficiency. It can be useful in the treatment of nervous disorders. The mushroom strongly inhibits bacterial inflammation and can thus positively influence skin diseases.

Maitake – Grifola frondosa (Rattle sponge)

quadratisches Bild mit einem Maitake Pilz in der Natur wachsendThe maitake acts naturally against obesity. The mushroom can prevent an increase in body weight and the development of a fatty liver. Maitake reduces the blood sugar level in diabetes. It increases the insulin sensitivity of the cells and thus enables a better utilisation of sugar in the cells. Maitake regulates the calcium balance and can thus help prevent osteoporosis (bone loss) and rickets (softening of the bones), as it strengthens the bones. Furthermore, experience has shown it to be constipating in cases of prolonged diarrhoea.

Pleurotus ostreatus (Oyster mushroom)

quadratisches Bild mit Pleurotus Pilzen in der Natur wachsendPleurotus relaxes muscles, tendons and joints. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is used for the treatment of lumbago (lumbago), whereby relaxation of the painful muscles of the lumbar vertebrae can be achieved. It also has a beneficial effect on the intestinal flora.

Polyporus umbellatus (Oak hare)

quadratisches Bild mit Polyporus Pilzen in der Natur wachsendPolyporus is a very important fungus for diseases related to the lymphatic system . It has a positive effect on oedema and the regulation of the lymphatic system, on which it has a detoxifying effect and thus supports the excretory function of the kidneys. Joint swelling can also be reduced by polyporus. As it improves the structure of the skin, it is also used in Far Eastern traditional medicine for skin problems. Due to the increased excretion of fluid, it has a relieving effect on the heart and thus protects it.

Poria cocos (Pine sponge)

quadratisches Bild mit drei Poria cocos Pilzen in der NaturThis medicinal mushroom is best suited for long-term use. Poria cocos is used in diseases of the lungs as well as in heart, liver and kidney diseases to drain moisture. It is an excellent spleen tonic and thus a valuable vital mushroom for spleen weakness. This is significant because the spleen is one of the most important defence organs and an essential part of the immune system. In veterinary medicine, chronically ill and older animals in particular benefit from this vital mushroom, especially if they suffer from loss of appetite, diarrhoea or tiredness. Poria cocos is also particularly suitable for nervous and restless animals. In veterinary medicine, it is not given as a single mushroom, but preferably in combination with other medicinal mushrooms.

Reishi (Glossy ganoderma)

quadratisches Bild mit Reishi Pilzen in der Natur wachsendReishi improves the oxygen uptake of the blood and the oxygen supply of the heart muscle. The mushroom has a strong positive effect on all inflammations of the body. Reishi has a liver-regenerating and thus detoxifying effect. Particularly also in cases of liver inflammation. It has a positive effect on the lungs, bronchi and respiratory tract. It regulates the immune system and thus supports the body’s self-healing powers.

Shiitake – Lentinula edodes

quadratisches Bild mit Shiitake Pilzen in der Natur wachsendThe active ingredients of shiitake can prevent deposits in the arteries or remove existing ones from the arterial walls. Its detoxifying factor improves the appearance of the skin and can also counteract allergic diseases. The change in phospholipid metabolism in the liver lowers cholesterol levels.

Dosage recommendations & effects

Nahaufnahme von kleiner Katze und einem Hund die friedlich beieinander liegen
Each animal reacts individually. Therefore, the dosage of the vital mushrooms should be individually adjusted. It is also important to pay attention to contraindications and interactions.

There are many suppliers of mushroom powders

You will find trustworthy suppliers with controlled organic cultivation in Germany, but unfortunately also less recommendable importers of cheap goods. Read what is important when buying.

The 14 most important medicinal mushrooms

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