Vital mushrooms give cancer patients hope for a better quality of life and improved treatment results

Vital mushrooms can help increase the chances of success in conventional cancer treatment. Their potential to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy should also be emphasized. Finally, medicinal mushrooms also find application in the preventive field.

At first, the diagnosis of cancer is a shock. In the second moment, there are a myriad of questions, for example: How advanced is the disease? Can the tumor be treated well? Nowadays, conventional medicine has various treatment options that offer good prospects of success depending on the type of tumor disease.

Unfortunately, with treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy, serious side effects are sometimes not absent. Vital mushrooms can provide real relief here and significantly improve the quality of life. In Asian countries such as China and Japan, medicinal mushrooms, which in our country are considered natural remedies, have long been an integral part of cancer therapy.

The doctors here draw on the wealth of experience of traditional Chinese medicine as well as on findings from current research. These indicate that vital mushrooms such as the Agaricus blazei murill (ABM)Maitake and Reishi have the potential to promote the success of conventional medical treatment, i.e. to support the immune system in the fight against tumor cells, to slow down tumor growth, to inhibit the formation of metastases and to prevent the new development of tumors. At the same time, vital mushrooms can alleviate the side effects of treatment.

Individual consultation with mycotherapy experts

Who would like to get support for his cancer therapy from vital mushrooms, should get detailed advice beforehand. A good contact point for this is, for example, the free hotline of the Mykotroph Institute. Its experts optimally combine various medicinal mushrooms individually on the basis of sound training as well as a wealth of experience. In addition to the type of tumor and the stage of the disease, the general physical condition, possible other diseases, and ongoing conventional medical treatment are clearly important.

Those who suffer from nausea and diarrhea due to chemotherapy, for example, can benefit from the regenerative effect of Hericium and Maitake on the intestines and mucous membranes. In order to protect the bone marrow from damage caused by irradiation, the intake of the medicinal mushroom ABM has proven to be effective. In general, vital mushrooms relieve the organism with their antioxidant and detoxifying properties. Central here are antioxidant enzymes, glutathione, ergothioneine as well as the chitin from the powder of the whole mushroom. It is particularly abundant in Auricularia and ABM. Maitake and shiitake support the weakened immune system with their beta-glucans and proteoglucans. By promoting the proliferation and activation of certain immune cells, these substances increase protection against infections as well as against the spread of cancer cells. Finally, vital mushrooms can also directly induce the natural cell death of cancer cells as well as inhibit the formation of new vessels to supply the tumor.

How does cancer develop? What are the preventive measures?

Despite extensive research efforts, it is still not conclusively clear how cancer develops. Scientists have only been able to identify certain risk factors that favor the growth of tumors. These include harmful environmental factors such as toxins and radiation, as well as certain viruses such as Eppstein-Barr, hepatitis and papilloma viruses. Other risks include obesity, high blood sugar levels and inflammatory processes in the body. Vital mushrooms, with their health-promoting ingredients, address all these factors and thus offer a comprehensive preventive measure to avoid getting cancer in the first place. For example, reishi contains particularly high levels of triterpenes, which have an anti-inflammatory effect in the body. Maitake reduces an existing insulin resistance of the body cells, which lowers the blood sugar level. For example, against the penetration and spread of viruses helps Coriolus. Of course, a healthy lifestyle with a balanced, plant-based diet as well as regular exercise is essential to minimize the risk of developing cancer.

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