High blood pressure - a silent danger

High blood pressure is a silent danger. Many people do not initially feel when they have elevated blood pressure. The damage, however, can be enormous and lead to heart attacks as well as strokes. Cardiovascular diseases, which primarily include high blood pressure, are the number one cause of death in the Western world. Vital mushrooms can provide effective therapy.

The regulation of blood pressure is very complex. It is therefore not always easy to find out all the causes of high blood pressure in individual cases. Often there is more than a single origin. The term “essential primary hypertension” refers to elevated blood pressure when caused by lifestyle, age, or unclear causes.

Many people do not know that one of the main causes of high blood pressure and its secondary diseases is obesity. Belly fat produces hormones that increase blood pressure. Weight loss can be supported by the administration of the vital mushrooms Maitake and Reishi. Both mushrooms also help to reduce a fatty liver, which, as is well known, can additionally aggravate arteriosclerosis – and thus high blood pressure.

It is important to know that phosphate additives in processed foods, such as sausage, (processed) cheese or soft drinks, massively damage our blood vessels. These foods may even be the sole cause of high blood pressure.

Vital mushroom Reishi
Vital mushroom Maitake

In most people, rising blood pressure is an early warning sign of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) – a slowly progressive disease. Here, the body reacts to inflammatory processes on the vessel wall with repair mechanisms: white blood cells are deposited, causing the vessel to become thicker and also more brittle there. The constriction increases the pressure.

If the vessel wall breaks at such a point, substances can escape. Such ruptures cause platelets to accumulate to close the injury. If these platelets clump together, a clot (thrombus) can form. If this migrates, heart attacks and strokes are dangerous consequences.

Even if high blood pressure is not treated, it damages the blood vessels and subsequently leads to higher and higher blood pressure. So it needs to be addressed early on. Auricularia and shiitake have proven to be significant mushrooms for blood vessel health and circulation.

Other risk factors for hypertension include histamine intolerance, food intolerances, and leaky gut syndrome. In these cases, especially Hericium and Reishi are very effective medicinal mushrooms. Dysbalances of the intestinal flora can also be caused by excessive salt consumption. Salt (sodium) is found in more and more processed foods these days. So diet may be involved in raising blood pressure in this regard as well.

Mycotherapeutically, Polyporus can help to get sodium back out of the body through the kidneys. Cordyceps has proven to be another valuable medicinal mushroom for supporting the kidneys. After all, the kidneys play a major role in regulating blood pressure, and their impairment can be considered both a cause and a consequence of hypertension. Similar to gentle ACE inhibitors, mushrooms such as Pleurotus, Agaricus bisporus, Maitake, Auricularia and Reishi act here.

Elevated uric acid levels are also often associated with hypertension. Again, these can be positively influenced through diet, as well as through the use of shiitake and cordyceps. In the case of stress and sleep disorders, which can also trigger high blood pressure, the two mushrooms Hericium and Reishi are again indicated.

Each hypertension is unique and requires individual treatment. Medicinal mushrooms can act on very different levels and provide valuable services. Look for mushrooms with the quality mark “mushroom powder from the whole mushroom” from trustworthy German organic cultivation. For an individual recommendation, please use our free telephone consultation: +49 40 334686-300.

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