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The better our immune system is in shape, the more effectively it can protect us from pathogens. This is true at home and even more so, of course, when traveling. Especially when it is hot or in countries with a tropical climate, you can quickly catch an infection. Among the most common are food poisoning, such as from eating food contaminated with E. coli bacteria.

All-rounder Coriolus: antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal

To strengthen the immune system, the vital mushroom Coriolus has proven its worth. It helps our defenses to recognize and fight pathogenic germs such as the dreaded “diarrhea bacteria”, among others. Ideally, we will then not get sick in the first place. If we do get caught, Coriolus will get us back on our feet faster due to its direct antibacterial effect. In addition to infections of the digestive tract, it is also indicated for infections of the urinary tract.

Quite a few people get a flu-like infection or even a real flu while on vacation. Due to its strong antiviral powers, Coriolus is therapeutically valuable here. It alleviates the symptoms and can shorten the duration of the disease. Far too many people also still contract hepatitis A or hepatitis B during long-distance travel. Coriolus is also significant in the therapy of these severe and usually protracted diseases. Its administration can significantly improve the quality of life of those affected.

Coriolus has also been shown to be effective against intracellular pathogens such as Borrelia. Therefore, it is also used for the treatment of Lyme disease. And this is true in both the acute and the two chronic stages. It can suppress the multiplication of the Borrelia bacteria and thus possibly prevent the progression of the disease. Lyme disease is usually transmitted by a tick bite. The little bloodsuckers can be found practically everywhere in Europe. The main season of infection is summer. However, ticks can become active at temperatures as low as 5 – 7 °C. Other applications of Coriolus include aphthae, herpes simplex, shingles or – thanks to its antifungal effect – Candida albicans.

Strong duo: Artemisia Annua + Coriolus

Artemisia Annua (annual mugwort) is still little known in our country. In East Asia, on the other hand, this medicinal herb is traditionally used for a wide variety of ailments and especially against malaria. The artemisinin it contains is considered one of the fiercest weapons against the serious disease. For this discovery, Chinese pharmacologist Youyou Tu was even awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2015. Malaria is caused by single-celled parasites of the genus Plasmodium. They are transmitted by the Anopheles mosquito. Malaria is still the most common infectious disease in the world, and far too often it is fatal. So, for those traveling to malarial areas, Artemisia Annua offers a valuable addition to other protective measures against the dangerous disease.

Artemisia annua is also effective in other diseases. Thus, the medicinal herb can be used against diseases caused by borrelia and other spirochetes. These include Lyme disease – ideally in combination with the vital mushroom Coriolus – as well as leptospirosis and treponematosis. By the way, cancer research is now also interested in Artemisia Annua. Especially for fast-growing cancers, the medicinal herb is believed to have a tumor-inhibiting effect. In addition to the ingredient artemisinin, science attributes this to about 20 other antitumor agents contained in the plant.

A tip at the end

Sometimes you don’t realize until much later that you caught something on the trip. In order to prevent anything from being carried away, you should treat your body to a cleansing cure with Artemisia Annua and the vital mushroom Coriolus after your vacation. Both together support and complement each other in the fight against viruses and bacteria and strengthen our immune system.

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