Hay fever & Co.: Now with vital mushrooms symptoms prevent!

For many allergy sufferers, autumn and winter are a welcome time which gives them a (breathing) break from hay fever & co. This is exactly the phase you should use now to manage your allergy in the long term. Vital mushrooms help to detoxify your body and rebalance the immune system – so that in the future you can breathe freely in spring and summer!

In the case of an allergy, the body reacts with excessive defense reactions of the immune system to normally harmless substances. Due to the sharp increase in recent decades, the cause of allergies is believed to be our current lifestyle. Pollutant loads, unhealthy diets with convenience foods, excessive hygiene and psychological stress are suspected here. All these factors can also lead to a so-called leaky gut syndrome – a disturbed barrier function of the intestine, which can increase and also trigger an allergic tendency.

How can I counteract hay fever?

To manage symptoms, allergy sufferers are commonly advised to avoid or at least reduce triggers. However, this is not possible with hay fever. Depending on the flowering time of the plants to which a person is allergic, the pollen count often makes it difficult for those affected. Medicinal mushrooms can relieve such acute symptoms.

In addition, a treatment with vital mushrooms can even achieve a long-term stabilization of the symptoms. For this purpose, it is recommended to start the therapy already before the hay fever season, i.e. in winter. Also, be sure to take mushroom powder from the whole mushroom, as only here is the full range of active ingredients.

How vital mushrooms work successfully against allergies

With the help of medicinal mushrooms and vital mushrooms, it is possible to regulate the dysfunction of the immune system through various mechanisms. Since the immune system and the intestines are closely related, promoting healthy intestinal flora and intact intestinal mucosa are also important aspects in the treatment of allergies.

Wonderful basic mushrooms for allergies – and especially for hay fever – we find in the combination of Hericium and Reishi. Hericium has a particularly beneficial effect on healthy intestinal flora. The triterpenes contained in reishi have been shown to have anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, and cortisone-like effects. For allergic asthma, cordyceps is another important medicinal mushroom that provides relief, especially for breathing problems.

In many cases it succeeds that patients after regular income of vital mushroom powder already in the next season only sporadically on the mushrooms must fall back. In any case, you should individually coordinate a suitable mushroom combination and dosage with experienced mycotherapists.


Mycotherapy offers allergy sufferers a natural way to rebalance the immune system. It is best to start allergy therapy during the symptom-free period. Acute complaints can also be alleviated with the help of medicinal mushrooms.

Let us advise you!

In the free telephone consultation, our mycotherapists will be happy to take the time to make a recommendation on suitable vital mushrooms and other health-promoting measures that is precisely tailored to your situation: Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 to 18:00 under +49 40 334686-300.

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