Gout - a Painful Lifestyle Disease

Gout is a disorder of the purine metabolism that occurs in acute episodes. The essential thig in relation to this condition is prevention. Diets that contain much animal-based purine, fat or added fruit sugar as well as the excessive consumption of alcohol should be avoided. Additionally taking certain vitality mushrooms can be a valuable aspect of said prevention.

The metabolic disorder gout is caused by an increased level of uric acid in the blood. This leads to the formation of uric acid crystals that deposit in the joints and the tissue. There are numerous triggers that cause an uncontrolled rise of the uric acid level and thus promote the onset of gout. Some of them are certain medical conditions, drugs, an unbalanced and unhealthy diet, insufficient physical activity, or overweight.

Therefore, gout is also said to be a “lifestyle disease”. Many patients additionally suffer from a congenital predisposition to experiencing an increased uric acid level. About 80% of all gout patients are males aged between 40 and 60 years. This is mainly related to the fact that men consume more meat and alcohol than women do. However, for post-menopausal women the risk increases. Frequently, gout goes hand in hand with overweight, diabetes mellitus, increased blood fat values, and hypertension. Just the uric acid itself can already let the blood pressure rise.

Gout patients undergo four phases, starting with a permanently increased uric acid level. During this first phase, most patients have no symptoms. The second phase involves an acute gout attack. As first symptoms of such an acute gout attack, 60% of all patients suffer from severe pain of the first metatarsophalangeal joint. Apart from the big toe joint, the tarsal joint, tarsal bones, or the knee joint might occasionally be affected, too. Acute gout attacks involve having a temperature, suffering from severe pain, redness, swellings and heat at the affected joint, and finding it painful to move.

The third or “inter-critical” phase is the time in between two attacks when patients do not suffer from any complaints. This period may span across several years. Thanks to the fact that these days most people enjoy good medical care and advanced treatments the fourth phase rarely ever occurs. It is characterised by chronical gout that – due to deposited uric acid crystals – can lead to irreversible joint alterations or even renal insufficiency.

To prevent gout, it is advisable to switch to an alkaline low-fat diet and consume only small amounts of alcohol and soft drinks. Recent studies showed that vegetable purines (as are found in legumes or spinach) do not constitute any risk factor if being consumed as part of a healthy diet.

Apart from avoiding triggering factors, vitality mushrooms have proven to be effective in both, preventing as well as treating gout. In the first place, mycotherapy makes use of the vitality mushrooms Maitake, Shiitake, Cordyceps, and Reishi since they have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and are additionally considered to be blood-purifying.

Moreover, these vitality mushrooms promote the de-acidification measures which are so important when the uric acid level is increased and support the detox organs liver and kidney. Being combined with an alkaline diet and sufficient drinking, this may support the discharge of uric acid and have positive effects on the fat metabolism, which is frequently affected with people who suffer from gout.

The Maitake vitality mushroom is capable of lowering the uric acid level in the blood to successfully reduce the risk of joint deposits.

Important Note

All mentioned vitality mushrooms are available in form of mushroom powder in capsules. Renowned researchers recommend being very careful when it comes to choosing your products. Mushroom powder extracts and products made in China should be avoided. So-called “mushroom powder made from whole mushrooms” has proven to be particularly effective. It contains all effective vitality mushroom constituents. Another indicator for high quality is when the mushrooms are being cultivated organically in Germany.

Before taking vitality mushrooms it is highly advisable to consult an expert. The MykoTroph Institute offers more information on www.HeilenmitPilzen.de and free telephone advice at +49 6047 37915-70.

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