Fatigue is the pain of the liver

The liver fulfills comprehensive functions in our organism, it is involved in almost all metabolic processes. Its most important tasks include the production, storage and detoxification of endogenous and exogenous substances. For example, it is responsible for the production of bile, controls the sugar, fat and protein metabolism and also has a regulating effect on the immune and hormone systems.

Our modern lifestyle hinders the work of the liver system

Environmental toxins, alcohol, eating too much fat, constant stress, bacterial and viral infections, regular consumption of stimulants, but also of medicines weaken the liver and make its work difficult. Warning signs are then, for example, exhaustion, headaches, digestive problems or even allergies. If these symptoms occur, one should always think of liver stress and have one’s liver values checked.

Protective and regenerating effect through medicinal mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms have a general detoxifying effect, because they are very rich in enzymes essential for detoxification and purification. Likewise, they are naturally rich in valuable vital substances. Among other things, they contain large amounts of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, polysaccharides and amino acids. Therefore, they generally contribute to a general strengthening of the whole organism, as well as an improvement in well-being.

The positive effect of medicinal mushrooms on liver health is explained, among other things, by their high content of bitter constituents. These include, for example, the diterpenes, the triterpenes and the steroids, which belong to the largest class of bitter substances and are found in all medicinal mushrooms.

Reishi - The liver mushroom

Reishi is characterized by the highest concentration of triterpenes among all vital mushrooms and is considered the most effective medicinal mushroom for liver health. Already in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) its beneficial effect on our central metabolic and detoxification organ was described. Today, numerous scientific studies confirm that the “mushroom of eternal life” has a protective, regenerating and detoxifying effect on the liver and is a therapeutically useful support in the treatment of hepatitis B as well as liver cancer.

Shiitake - The liver tonic

The shiitake is not only a tasty edible mushroom. It is also a popular vital mushroom and known as a liver tonic. Its polyphenols form a kind of protective shield around the liver cells, making them more robust. With the help of its lentinan, it also protects the liver from viral attacks. In terms of metabolism, the contained eritadenin is in the foreground, because it has a positive effect on cholesterol levels. The detoxification processes in the liver are promoted by shiitake, because it promotes the excretion of nitrite and thus inhibits the formation of nitrosamines, which are considered carcinogenic.

Please do not forget bitter substances!

Most people like sweet and salty. Bitter flavors, on the other hand, are often avoided. Thereby bitter substances are a real blessing for the liver health and likewise for the bile. They support the liver in its detoxification work and counteract hyperacidity of the body by stimulating the formation of digestive juices and keeping the bile fluid. Typical examples of foods rich in bitter substances are red leaf lettuce, chicory, arugula and dandelion as well as artichoke and milk thistle.

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