Beautiful skin comes from within

Summer, sun, sunshine - when the temperatures rise and you reach for breezier clothes, you suddenly show a lot of skin, which was well hidden under your clothes during the winter months. With healthy, well-groomed skin and a positive body image, you can enter this season with confidence. For many people, however, a glance in the mirror does not reveal a radiant fresh ideal image, but pale, dry, irritated or blemished skin. This may indicate that the body is overloaded with waste products.

The good news is that the many years of experience of the MykoTroph Institute show that vital mushrooms help to restore our skin’s radiance in the long term.

With vital mushrooms to the feel-good skin

If the body is overloaded with waste products and toxins, it also detoxifies through the skin. As a result, irritation and a poor skin appearance often occur. Here, the natural active ingredients of special vital mushrooms have proven their worth. Thus, the Reidhi very effectively supports the liver in its function as a detoxification organ. It also develops a blood purifying effect, contributes to hormonal balance and can reduce inflammatory processes. This has made it very effective for blemished skin and also for acne. Furthermore, the Reishi reduces the histamine release. This is very beneficial, for example, for itchy skin, allergy-related skin symptoms and neurodermatitis.

For hormonal skin problems and large pores, the vital mushroom Agaricus bisporus in combination with vitamin D has also proven effective. This mixture can effectively reduce excessive sebum production of the skin. “Blooms” the skin because the kidney is weakened and stress drains the vital energy, then the Cordyceps works very effectively and sustainably.

Gut healthy - skin healthy

The cause of skin problems is often an impaired intestine. In this case, Hericium has worked well. It strengthens and regenerates the intestinal mucosa, contributing to the sanitation of the entire intestinal tract. This is of great importance. Finally, a healthy intestinal mucosa protects the body from toxins, microorganisms or pathological metabolites. And this is also good for the skin. The vital mushroom Pleurotus is recommended as a supplement. It promotes the growth of the “good”, probiotic bacteria in the intestine.

Complementary to vital mushrooms, astaxanthin from microalgae, as one of the strongest antioxidants, naturally protects the skin with its anti-inflammatory effect.

Also, follow the “golden” rules for fresh, clear skin: Drink enough still water or herbal tea every day, eat a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and mushrooms, get regular exercise in the fresh air plus enough sleep – for healthy and youthful-fresh skin in which you can feel really good (again).

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