Back Health Day

March 15 is Back Health Day. In this era of home offices and increased sedentary work in general, the number of patients with back pain and joint problems has increased dramatically. Tension, herniated discs, muscle hardening (myogelosis) and osteoarthritis are just a few examples. These complaints can also be supported with mushrooms.

An exciting vital mushroom for musculature and tendon and ligament problems is Pleurotus ostreatus. Some have it in their medicine cabinet and take it as needed for acute tension. In the case of chronic complaints, on the other hand, it is advisable to take the drug for at least three months. In the case of tension, hyperacidity of the body should also always be considered, which can be additionally addressed with an alkaline diet or, if necessary, with an alkaline powder. Regular stretching exercises or fascia training can also help prevent this (you can find books on this in our store).

For musculoskeletal complaints, Pleurotus is often combined with Reishi, which can perfectly support with its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. An important reference to the cervical and lumbar spine has the mushroom Cordyceps, which, for example, complements well the Reishi in intervertebral disc problems.

For arthritic or painful joints, Reishi and Shiitake are important medicinal mushrooms for support – in the case of additional circulatory disorders, which can, after all, also affect joint nutrition – Auricularia should also be considered.

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