Which mushroom powder is right for your animal?

Why you should choose your supplier carefully.

When selecting medicinal mushrooms for your animal, one of the most important quality features is to use mushroom powder from the whole mushroom, which means that all parts of the mushroom have been used in the production. For the vital mushroom Reishi the particularly valuable spores should also be contained. With mushroom powder from the whole mushroom you can be really sure that your capsules contain all the important effective substances in their natural composition.

Pay attention to trustworthy sources

You can always identify a trustworthy supplier by the fact that they cultivate and encapsulate the medicinal mushrooms themselves in Germany in BIO organic quality. In addition trustworthy suppliers ensure careful processing. This includes drying under 40°C and careful grinding.

Safe packaging

For various reasons, we recommend only using medicinal mushrooms in the form of capsules: loosely packed mushroom power absorbs moisture quickly, which significantly compromises the quality of the powder, as it very quickly becomes mouldy – and often not visibly.

When purchasing mushroom powder, always pay attention to these three quality features:

  • Medicinal mushrooms cultivated in Germany
  • BIO organic mushroom powder in capsules
  • Mushroom powder from the whole mushroom