Coriolus versicolor

Turkey tail- Has an immunostimulatory and an antitumoral effect.

It inhibits the formation of tumours. Its polysaccharides PSK and PSP have a cell-damaging effect on cancer cells. PSK (crestin) reduces the growth of blood vessels (angiogenesis) and thus the spread of the tumour. PSP initiates the self-destruction (apoptosis) of the tumour cell. The immune system needs support in dogs from the age of 7 years, in cats from the age of 10 years. More than half of all animals older than 10 years die of tumor diseases. Coriolus can be administered preventively to support the immune system and prevent cancer. In animals in the final stages of cancer, Coriolus improves the quality of life.

Coriolus occurs all over the world. It grows on dead trunks and stumps of trees, but rarely on conifers. It is one of the most sought-after medicinal mushrooms of the Chinese and Japanese.

In veterinary medicine, it is also used for irradiation, before and during chemotherapy and for hormone-dependent tumours, such as suckling tumours.

The antiviral properties of Coriolus strengthen the immune system and provide effective protection against pathogens. This medicinal mushroom also has an antibacterial and antifungal effect on various pathogens and acts against parasite infestation.

Fields of application

  • Elimination of toxins (poisons)
  • Bacterial diseases
  • Lyme disease
  • Energy increase in chronic diseases
  • Mouth mucosa inflammation
  • Skin and intestinal fungal diseases
  • Hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver
  • Cancer, also preventive
  • Parasite infestation
  • Radiation damages
  • Viral diseases

Note: The effects described are based on the ingestion of medicinal mushroom powder made from the whole mushroom. Please consult your animal therapist before use.

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